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Here is Lee’s original design for the Westport/Adirondack. Note the single piece of wood that makes up the backrest.
An Old Product Taking a New Seat on College Campuses: Adirondack Chairs
Maximilian Kramer, Staff Reporter • November 24, 2021

There’s a new trend taking the college world by storm, and it might surprise you. It is not a TikTok dance, nor a new type of class; rather it is the resurgence in use of the Adirondack Chair. Colleges and universities across...

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The sneaker on the cover of the collection symbolizes Waheeds swift movements toward the future.
A Faceless Poet Releases a Multi-Faceted Poetry Collection: A Review of “preFICTION” by Nayyirah Waheed
Aissata Barry, Staff Reporter • November 24, 2021

The revolutionary singer Nina Simone once said, “An artist’s duty is to reflect the times.” Such a description represents Nayyirah Waheed, except for that Waheed does not only honor the times. She has developed a way to...

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This is my grandmothers Engineering Certificate, which she earned, allowing her to become an engineer.
My Grandmother and the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Rose Marabello, Staff Reporter • November 24, 2021

When my grandmother first moved to the United States, I was around four, and far too young to grasp what China was, let alone the Chinese Cultural Revolution. All I knew of my grandmother was that she was the woman who took care...

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Cloud9, the third seed of North America represented by Perkz (Luka Perković). The sword represents Yasuo, the blades behind him represent Irelia and the spectral orb in his right hand represents Ahri.
It’s Global Warfare in the League of Legends Esports -- For Whom Will You Cheer?
Sophie Livingstone, Staff Reporter • November 18, 2021

As COVID-19 mandates slowly begin to lift, the world of sports is beginning to flourish once more. Home audiences are captivated, watching hours of content on television, all while cheering for their favorite teams to emerge victorious....

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