We've got the news down to a science!

The Science Survey

We've got the news down to a science!

The Science Survey

We've got the news down to a science!

The Science Survey

News is the lifeblood of our social consciousness, the one way we are able to be constantly connected to events happening throughout the globe. (Photo Credit: Sillerkiil, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Journalism: The Ethics Question

Nehla Chowdhury, Staff Reporter June 20, 2024

What is news?  On the surface, it’s easy to answer. News, according to Cambridge Dictionary, is “information or reports about recent events.” News is everywhere, describing anything from the...

The Survey Strip

The Survey Strip

Liah Igel, Staff Reporter June 10, 2024

Here is PSY performing at Seoul College, Seoul just about two months after his hit song, Gangnum Style, debuted in July, 2012. His song criticizing the young people in the Gangnam district (part of Seoul) was an instant sensation.  (Photo Credit: Korea.net / Korean Culture and Information Service (Photographer name), CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

K-POP: A Love Letter From Idol to Fan

Emilia Wang McKinney, Staff Reporter May 14, 2024

Your breath is gone as your hoarse voice screams out in recognition of your favorite tune starting to play. Your eyes are glued to the lit-up stage, making out the familiar figures through the pink lightsticks....

Director Steven Spielberg (right) engages with the Former President (middle) and Prime Minister (left) of Israel at the premiere of his film Schindler’s List. (Photo Credit: Government Press Office (Israel), CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Historical Accuracy in Hollywood: An Exercise in Molding the Public

Chase Teichholz, Staff Reporter May 14, 2024

“Cinema is a mirror that can change the world.” – Diego Luna As technology takes over, and books fade further and further into a distant era, movies are bestowed with an even greater power to...

Here is an array of beauty products laid out on the table, ready to be “reviewed” by an influencer. (Photo Credit: Amy Shamblen / Unsplash)

Influencer Culture Needs To End

Chaiya Milowic, Staff Reporter May 14, 2024

Summer Fridays, Drunk Elephant, The Ordinary. Have you ever heard of these brands? If you’ve ever used TikTok, you more than likely have. Tiktok has evolved as a powerful influencer platform with...

Margaret Gorman was the first Miss America. Her legacy has been carried out for more than 100 years, and changed profusely. (Photo Credit: https://www.missamerica.org/organization/history/, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Yes, Yes, We’re All Beautiful – Just Give Her the Crown Already!

Olive Forman-Sarno, Staff Reporter May 14, 2024

Three or four years ago, amidst the muddled blur known as the pandemic, my family watched the 2000 film Miss Congeniality. It was about a police officer who goes undercover at a beauty pageant. It was...

Here is the official flag of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA was created in 1947 by President Harry S. Truman with the purpose of collecting and analyzing intelligence in order to protect national security. (Image Credit: Fry1989, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Exposed: The CIA’s Worst Secrets and Scandals

Alexandra Ghile, Staff Reporter May 14, 2024

It’s 1947. Though World War II has been over for two years, the terror remains seared into everyone’s minds, unwanted memories of death and destruction persisting through everyday life. The United...

A devastating depiction of the streets in Seoul reflects the harsh realities of the Korean War that reshaped the Korean Peninsula and its people. (Photo Credit: Photo by Naval Historical Center / www.goodfreephotos.com)

Korea: Unforgettable Lessons From the Forgotten War

Jack Murdock, Staff Reporter May 14, 2024

For many, the Korean War was overlooked as a sudden eruption of unimaginable violence when the North Korean army poured across the 38th parallel in a surprise attack on June 25th, 1950. To disregard the...

When you head to the grocery store, you are presented with so many different options of foods to buy. It can be overwhelming. How do you know what to look for when navigating the aisles? (Photo Credit: Harrison Keely, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Do Not Feel Intimidated by Healthy Eating: Here Are Some Easy, Delicious, and Affordable Tips to Shop Healthy

Maheen Alam, Staff Reporter May 9, 2024

Take a stroll through some of the national parks of the United States. Americans have the opportunity to trek across hundreds of millions of acres of forests, elevating their mental and physical health. ...

Education has received more attention in recent years. There are several different opinions on how to reform the educational system in America, and different ideas on how to increase Americas rankings. (Photo Credit: 
MD Duran / Unsplash)

An Analysis of the U.S. Educational System

Sophia Nguyen May 9, 2024

The United States education system had been believed to be the best until economists realized in the 1980s that student’s test scores had been declining sharply since the mid 1960s. While there has been...

“Simply showing up to protest is an effective strategy to bring about change,” said Professor Boyd. (Photo Credit: Markus Spiske / Unsplash)

Ecoterrorism: Destruction or Revolution

Monica Reilly, Staff Reporter May 8, 2024

Setting fire to buildings, the blaze causing $12 million worth of damage. Threatening to contaminate water supplies, or sending out anthrax. Placing spikes in trees, so anyone who touched them would get...

The Barcelona Pavilion is a perfect example of minimalist architecture, exhibiting many of the characteristics that make minimalist buildings appear sleek and refined. (Photo Credit: Ashley Pomeroy at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

The Beauty of Minimalism

Jiangzhuo Wu, Staff Reporter May 8, 2024

What is Minimalism? Among the many styles that emerged in the late 1960s, minimalism was an art style known best for its simplicity and lack of artistic flourishes. Like many styles, minimalism manifests...

Here, a group of beautiful freshwater fish happily swim in the water. (Photo Credit: Davi Magalhães / Unsplash)

A Glimpse Into the Freshwater Ecosystems: The Rapidly Declining Population of Freshwater Fish

Winnie Huang, Staff Reporter May 8, 2024

When viewing a world map, the vivid blue of  the vast oceans and seas is hard to miss. After all, around 97% of the earth's water is in the ocean. However, freshwater ecosystems tend to be neglected...

LinkedIn, although it is the oldest popular social media platform, has experienced a surge in popularity as more young people explore its features while looking to broaden their horizons. (Photo Credit: Greg Bulla / Unsplash)

Through the Lens of LinkedIn: A Commentary on Teenagers, the Online Job Market, and Finding Success

Hallel Abrams Gerber, Staff Reporter May 8, 2024

Monday, 9 a.m. My friends and I have a free period. Our work is completed, so, to amuse ourselves, we turn to the most promising source of interesting content: Google Chrome. Though there is plenty to...

Here are some Bronx Science students enjoying catching up during a free period on campus.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out): Embellished in the Digital Age and More Prevalent Than Ever in High Schoolers

Samantha Nair, Staff Reporter May 7, 2024

High school is infamous around the world for its four years imbued with the stress of trying to excel academically and socially. Bronx Science encapsulates this stereotype perfectly with its popular reputation...

 Italian painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo’s The Battle of Vercellae depicts the violent rage that fuels conflict and its consequences, death and destruction. (Image Credit: Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Decline of Human Benevolence

Ray Rivera, Staff Reporter May 7, 2024

Through social connections, humanity has dominated planet Earth for thousands of years. We have pioneered and advanced the structure of our world. A majority of these changes have benefited humanity as...

The Simpson Street station in the Bronx is located in Longwood, a neighborhood that’s not really known for its safety. However, in recent years, the neighborhood has been going through a revitalization. (Photo Credit: Alberto Gasco / Unsplash)

A Defense of the Bronx

Amy Beloume, Staff Reporter April 19, 2024

What comes to mind when you think of the Bronx? Some think it's a lawless place with crime running rampant; others don't think very much at all, believing it’s as insignificant as Staten Island. However...

Were reminded that more is better, and that complexity and price equals efficiency. As a result, many of us are led to believe that a multi-step or costly routine is necessary for our skin, but this belief is merely a facade made to keep us reaching for the next best thing. (Photo Credit: Michela Ampolo / Unsplash)

The Best Skincare Routine

Ashley Chen, Staff Reporter April 17, 2024

As I approach the skincare aisle at my local CVS, a kaleidoscope of bottles, tubes, and serums await me. Each promises a miracle, yet their labels read a foreign dictionary of chemistry terms. “Hexapeptide-9,”...

According to Capital One Shopping Research, in 2022, there were 3.4 billion digital wallet users in the world, which is42.6% of the global population. (Photo Credit: Clay Banks / Unsplash)

A Semi-Cashless Future

Ella Zheng, Staff Reporter April 17, 2024

The world is at our fingertips. This phrase takes on a literal meaning in the era of digital wallets. With just a tap on your smartphone and confirmation through touch or Face ID, any financial transaction...

Children have quickly become addicted to social media as 50% of children aged 11-17 receive at least 200 notifications every day on their phones. (Photo Credit:  Maddi Bazzocco / Unsplash)

From Playground to Profile: Social Media is Fast-Tracking Our Youths’ Childhood

Bethany Karlinsky, Staff Reporter April 16, 2024

With toothless smiles and sticky hands, kids have always seemed to reside in a world of their own, blissfully oblivious to everything around them. Even as people move into adulthood, the magic of childhood...

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