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Liah Igel, Staff Reporter April 2, 2024

Three point perspective is like a two point perspective except there is a vanishing point at the top or bottom depending on the view you’re going for. (Original sketch by Marley Kang)

How to Become a Better Artist and (Hopefully) Create Beautiful Pieces of Art

Marley Kang, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

Art is a common hobby enjoyed by many. It’s something that everyone has done at least once in their life. I personally have always loved it, whether it is doodling for school, or just for pure fun. However,...

Cafeteria monitor Lydia Du ’24 prevents a student from incorrectly putting a compostable lunch tray in the trash.

Meet the Heroes Behind Bronx Science’s Waste Management (You Can Be One, Too)

Anna Koontz, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

You’re in the middle of a lively discussion with your friends when loud, scratchy music interrupts, signaling the end of the lunch period. Reluctantly, you stand up, continuing your conversation as you...

A lot of our news platforms are now mainly leaning left or right in ther politics. This contributes to causing media bias and a lack of neutral tone in our media. (Photo Credit: Matthew Guay / Unsplash)

When Did the News Become Biased?

Sophia Nguyen, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

The news has gradually shifted from being strictly factual and informative to now feeding a biased narrative of political affairs. Some of the information being reported in the media now no longer goes...

The use of letters, throughout all languages, defines how we speak, think, and express ourselves. (Photo Credit: Amador Loureiro / Unsplash)

Ascertaining Alphabets: The Development of Written Language

Hallel Abrams Gerber, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

Whether it is ink smudging on paper or the clattering of keyboard keys, writing is a unique process marked by inspiration, procrastination, and attention. It may serve as fodder for a rant or mark the...

Products are being branded as a “fix-all” – for both your physical and mental well-being. (Photo Credit: Viva Luna Studios / Unsplash)

Self Care: The Fine Line

Emi Hare-Yim, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

Every Sunday, before the school week begins, I take a bath with Japanese salts and a hair mask. It’s a routine that helps me prepare for another eventful week, jam packed with assignments, music lessons,...

It can be difficult to know who you truly are, especially during your teenage years. Personality tests claim to reveal key information about your personality and, consequently, you. But can they really tell you who you are? (Photo Credit: Brett Jordan / Unsplash)

What’s Your Type? A Look Into the World of Personality Tests

Marissa Talushllari, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

How would you describe your personality? Whether it’s a BuzzFeed quiz proclaiming to tell you which Disney princess you’re most like or a well-researched personality test promising to reveal “who...

Here is a work of graffiti found in Utö, Finland, whilst the discoverer was exploring old, abandoned wartime bunkers. The artwork shows us the corrosive effect that can come with struggling to cope with hard times.  
(Photo Credit: Aaron Blanco Tejedor / Unsplash)

Nihilism: The Final Defeat of Humanity

Anthony Ortega, Staff Reporter March 11, 2024

The destruction of our society won’t be brought upon us by nuclear war, famine, or disease, nor will it be an alien invader or Biblical end times. It will be brought upon us by the realization of our...

The problem of unreliable news posted online is a growing one. (Photo Credit: Roman Kraft / Unsplash)

The Problem With Unreliable Narratives in Covering Conflicts

Tristan Borlongan, Staff Reporter March 11, 2024

The events of the Russia Ukraine war have been heavily covered by news media organizations around the world. On social media, particularly Twitter (now renamed “X”), the call was answered by various...

Here, Kanye West is seen performing his hits to a live crowd. (Photo Credit: Jason Persse, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Separating the Art From the Artist

Andrew Na, Staff Reporter March 6, 2024

Kanye West has always been part of my brief yet latent journey in life as a beacon of support, providing comfort and solace with his music. Part of the reason for my appreciation of his music  is due...

The Green M&M is a representation of my own childhood aspirations. (Photo Credit: Syed F Hashemi / Unsplash)

From Tiger Princess to Therapist: The Change in How We View Jobs as Kids and Adolescents

Vanessa Encarnacion, Staff Reporter March 5, 2024

An Astronaut. A Pirate. A Ballerina. Everyone wanted to be something different. When I was a kid, my dream job was to be the Green M&M. Not her voice actress, or her animator – I wanted to be her....

Narcissism is usually defined by society as those who are full of themselves. This causes immense feelings of insecurity within the individual and pushes them away from getting help. The denial causes those diagnosed to worsen their disorder and eventually fit the stereotypes they are so often put into. (Photo Credit: Михаил Секацкий / Unsplash)

The Reality of Narcissism

Angeline Rivera, Staff Reporter March 4, 2024

The definition of narcissism, according to a licensed psychologist, is narcissistic personality disorder is a pattern of grandiosity, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. But the media and society...

Viral movies are drawing viewers back into theaters. (Photo Credit: Felipe Bustillo / Unsplash)

Consumerism: The Making and Discarding of Meaningful Commentary

Madison Kang, Staff Reporter March 4, 2024

The Problem Pop culture seeks to put meaning into everything in our lives -- whether it is cryptic lyrics about any certain situation, symbolism through imagery in movies, and every form of figurative...

Nursing homes often attempt to mentally stimulate residents through activities like coloring, sewing, and gardening. 
(Photo Credit: Andreas Bohnenstengel, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Corruption Hidden Within the Nursing Home Industry

Monica Reilly, Staff Reporter March 2, 2024

Nursing homes are supposed to be a safe haven, a place where beloved family members can spend their final years in peace and safety. However, this is an ideal that does not match up to reality. In June...

Originally introduced by ‘The Hunger Games’ protagonist Katniss Everdeen, the three-finger salute has found resonance among activists in Myanmar as a symbol of protest against the military coup in 2021. (Photo Credit: Pyae Sone Htun / Unsplash)

How ‘The Hunger Games’ Transcends Make-Believe

Tammy Lam, Staff Reporter March 2, 2024

The city is destroyed while war wages on. Crumbling buildings and a smoke-filled sky plague the area in the wake of destruction. In the desolate landscape, however, emerges a voice. “I want to tell...

Here is a statue of the father of history, Herodotus, outside the Parliament building in Vienna, Austria. (Photo Credit: morhamedufmg, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Art of History

Emilia Wang McKinney, Staff Reporter March 2, 2024

As a young girl, I always believed everything that my teachers said. I learned about the greats, from George Washington to Christopher Columbus. But as I grew up, I realized that you should always do your...

While it may not be obvious to those around you, feelings of fraudulence or inadequacy envelop and overtake millions of people across the globe, no matter how much it may seem out of line with their accomplishments. (Image Credit: IsabellaMont, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Fraudulence Unveiled: A Dive into the Influence of Imposter Syndrome on Women

Claire Elkin, Staff Writer February 28, 2024

In the early seventies, as an assistant professor at Oberlin College, Pauline R. Clance, kept hearing female students confessing experiences that reminded her of her own. These students were sure that...

Our internet consumption is excessive, which many people attribute as the sole factor in the the lack of focus exhibited by individuals everywhere. However, other people believe that our attention span is not solely linked to the ways in which we interact with media, but rather has to do with the habits that we follow each day. (Illustration by Carlos PX, Visuals / Unsplash)

The Problem With Your Attention Span

Sirajum Munira, Staff Reporter February 12, 2024

When I began my draft of this article, the first thing that I searched up for research was the causes of distraction. One click led me to a website about combatting attention span loss, and another led...

Here is Recycling 101. The yellow bin is a mixed recycling bin, encompassing glass bottles, cartons, aluminum, and plastic. The blue bin is where the paper based materials and cardboard belong. The red bin collects materials with thin plastic lining like plastic bags. Finally, the green bin symbolizes composting, taking in food scraps, and prunings.
(Photo Credit: Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash)

A Day’s Worth of Waste and Its Impact

Ella Zheng, Staff Reporter February 10, 2024

During this bustling day and age of our lives, it's easy to overlook the footprint we leave behind with our consumption habits. But have you ever wondered about the environmental and social impact of a...

The Bronx Science Mental Health Association, a club formed in response to the academic pressures of school, aims to improve students well-being by developing coping strategies. They often spends their meetings meditating, as seen here. (Photo Credit: Bronx Science MHA Instagram; used by permission)

Rethinking Education: Improving Teen Mental Health Requires a Radical Shift in Schooling

Georgie Barth, Staff Reporter February 10, 2024

Are students unhappy and anxious because they haven’t been taught to cope with 21st century lives, or do our 21st century lives need changing? According to the American Psychological Association,...

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