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Graduation is cause for celebration, although for many, a college diploma comes at a hefty price.

Taking Capitalism Out of College: The College for All Act

Jiada Valenza, Staff Reporter June 22, 2021

As another academic year in school year is coming to a close, some students may have their sights set on summer plans. But for college-bound seniors, this excitement may be shrouded by the oncoming financial...

Click on the link to read the advice of your Bronx Science peers!

A Letter to Little Me

Arianne Browne, Staff Reporter June 22, 2021

Join clubs! Make friends! Take lots of A.P. classes! Stand out from the crowd! Prioritize your mental health! This is all advice that I have received over the past few years of high school, as I am...

Here is a view of the Woodlawn Cemetery.

Living Near the Historic Woodlawn Cemetery

Fahim Zaman, Staff Reporter June 22, 2021

Where others had their Central Park, I had the Woodlawn Cemetery. I was raised overlooking a cemetery. It was located right across the street from my apartment building.  “Almost every day, we...

Light falls on the corner of the building of the Supreme Court, where the six conservatives Justices recently handed down a decision that makes it easier to sentence juvenile offenders to life in prison without parole.

The Supreme Court Changes Course on Juvenile Justice

Kate Reynolds, Staff Reporter June 22, 2021

Brett Jones is not exactly a sympathetic martyr.  At 15 years old, Jones killed his grandfather in a brutal murder that prompted a Mississippi judge to sentence him to life in prison without parole....

The famous “Surgeon’s photo” of the Loch Ness monster, purportedly taken by Robert Kenneth Wilson in 1934 during a fishing trip north with his friend, Maurice Chambers.  It is by far the most famous photo of Nessie, and helped to skyrocket the cryptid’s popularity after being sold to the Daily Mail in 1934 after popular sightings of Nessie in 1933.  After Chambers passed away in 1994, personal papers revealed that the photograph was a hoax, having been taken by hunter and filmmaker Marmaduke Arundel Wetherell, having been a sculpture of wood and plastic made by sculptor Christian Spurling that was attached to a toy submarine.  Spurling corroborated the story at the age of 90 in 1993, with the group deciding to have Wilson be the one to put the photo forth to lend credibility to the story as he was a physician.  In spite of its proven falsehood, the Surgeon’s photo is still what many first think of when they hear of the Loch Ness monster -- and could you blame them?  The hoax went on for over 60 years, only definitively ruled out because of testimony by its producers.  The lighting allows the centered figure to remain obscure, yet establishes an iconic silhouette that many recognize.  There is no scale to be given by anything surrounding the subject, so we cannot gauge size, creating more ambiguity.  While color photography did exist in the form of Autochrome, it was rare, and thus understandable that Wilson, just going on a fishing trip, would not have it on his person, with the black and white coloring further obscuring detail and amassing any seams on the sculpture into a single silhouette.

A Dive Into Famous Folklore Monsters, or Cryptids, Their Origins, And If They Really Exist or Not

Scott Ernsberger, Staff Reporter June 22, 2021

Cryptids -- we have all heard of them, even if we do not know them by that name. Cryptids are, as the name implies, cryptic creatures, monsters whose existence is, at best, in contention, with the most...

The C3 Corvette was one of the defining cars of the 1960s and 70s.

Finding Mechanical Solace in Classic Cars

Alex Tembelis, Staff Reporter June 16, 2021

Wake up. Log in. Join Zoom class. Complete homework. Sleep. Repeat. For over a year, this is the cycle that I, and many other students worldwide, have grown accustomed to. During the Coronavirus pandemic,...

“I think that misinformation surrounding the Coronavirus vaccines is definitely contributing to vaccine hesitancy, and I do not believe that we are doing nearly enough as a nation to combat this misinformation”, said Sandy Gallo, a retired teacher from New York State.

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy: The Final Hurdle

Michael Toscano, Staff Reporter June 15, 2021

Since President Biden took office in January 2021, there is no doubt that the vaccine effort has made great strides. In January 2021, only 3 million Americans in total were vaccinated, and the Coronavirus...

Federal and local governments across the United States are working to increase the number of fully vaccinated Americans who are protected against COVID-19.

The Frustrations Behind the Lack of Finished COVID-19 Vaccinations

Andrew Zhang, Staff Reporter June 15, 2021

In the United States, the current vaccines that protect against COVID-19 authorized under an Emergency Use Authorization are those offered by Pfizer-BioTech, Moderna, and  Johnson & Johnson. Out...

Instagram is a platform used by millions of people to regularly share updates on their lives through photos and videos.

Why ‘Finstas’ Offer the Ultimate Social Media Experience

Aissata Barry, Staff Reporter June 15, 2021

Born and raised in an era of social media, one of the first lessons Gen-Z is taught is that what is posted on the internet stays there forever, even long after a delete button has been pressed. Most embrace...

Kathryn Le ’22 said, “There’s no perfect word that can describe me. It’s not a question that we all think about every day. What are words that describe myself? What are words that describe my personality? I say ‘I guess’ because it’s kind of weird just praising myself, so I wasn’t really sure. Maybe it’s something I see in myself, but it’s not how I actually come off to others.” (This graphic was developed on Canva.)

Tell Me What Consistency Looks Like: How Defined is One’s Personality?

Cadence Chen, Staff Reporter June 15, 2021

My greatest fear is for someone to come up to me and tell me: “You’re an INFP.” If this someone knew me for a day or two, I would maybe forgive them. If we knew each other for more than a month,...

The end of Ramadan is marked by Eid celebrations. The day begins with morning prayers, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, mosques around the world have limited the number of attendees.

The Significance of the Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramisa Promi, Staff Reporter June 15, 2021

On April 12th, 2021, 1.8 million Muslims around the world looked up to the sky, hoping for a new moon. This new moon marked the beginning of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the holy month of...

Credit: Kathryn Garcia for New York City

Kathryn Garcia is the Best Choice for Mayor of New York City

Peter Haywood, Staff Reporter June 14, 2021

New York is coming out of a pandemic. We are in a crime epidemic. We are reckoning with racial inequity. Our schools and transportation systems are woefully underfunded. We are in a climate emergency....

Here is an anonymous sketch of Bigfoot being abducted by a UFO, engraved onto a railing post.

Do “I Want to Believe”? Alien “Sightings” Versus Scientific Observations

Declan Hilfers, Staff Reporter June 13, 2021

In a vacuum, it is difficult to say there is anything inherently wrong with theorizing about extraterrestrials. It is undeniably an attention-grabbing idea, and moreover, there may be an actual place for...

While it is not uncommon for many original career goals to have been changed in pursuit of more approachable plans, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Afran Ahmed ’21 took the pandemic as an opportunity to seize the moment and use his free time to make his literary dreams a reality.

Revising Future Plans in Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Samama Moontaha, Staff Reporter June 13, 2021

Imagine yourself on the moon, strapped into a spacesuit while your name circulates around the internet. Or perhaps imagine that you are a CEO making millions of dollars on a weekly basis. Although these...

The U.S. government is offering many incentives for Americans to take vaccines for COVID-19, such as free parking outside vaccination sites. (Joshua Hoehne /

COVID-19 and Anti-Vaxxers

Rahm Rodkey, Staff Reporter June 13, 2021

After over a year of masks, social distancing, and working and learning from home, it feels like the COVID-19 pandemic is finally coming to an end in the United States. How long it takes for us to ...

Here is Klamath National Forest, in Yreka, California, on fire during last years forest fires that swept the state. PG&E faces criminal charges due to their electrical network causing 5 out of the 10 most destructive fires in the state of California.

The Role of Business Deregulation in Climate Catastrophes

Leo Ellenberg, Staff Reporter June 10, 2021

When a major environmental catastrophe occurs, climate change’s effects are often cited as the catalyst. While that is almost certainly the case, these events are not entirely out of our control, as...

The coronavirus situation in India is currently dire. Hospitals are overwhelmed with people, and the continued lack of oxygen furthers the loss of lives due to COVID-19.

The Problem With India’s Underreporting of COVID-19 Cases

Shahabir Sami, Staff Reporter June 10, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a frightening experience for all Americans as the lockdown started over a year ago and halted all of our lives since. However, the situation in American appears to be improving...

Here is a mailer that was sent out by the New York City Board of Elections in order to educate eligible voters regarding the new Ranked Choice Voting system. It is being implemented in New York City for the first time this year, but only in primary and special elections.

Ranked Choice Voting: How We Gain More Power to Choose Our Representation

Peter Haywood, Staff Reporter June 10, 2021

Our electoral system is broken. Americans constantly feel like their elected representatives are not listening to them. So many of the issues that we face are complex and are often linked to one another,...

Hand sanitizer sales spiked at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in the Spring of 2020, driving prices up. On Amazon, certain sellers asked for over $300 for a single bottle of Purell.

After COVID-19, Can We Learn to Live With Germs Once Again?

Karen Phua, Staff Reporter June 10, 2021

The unmistakable label “Kills 99.99% of Illness Causing Germs” on Purell bottles — one of the top consumer hand sanitizers in the United States — instills confidence in individuals attempting to...

Our oceans are filled with plastic, much of it produced by large corporations. In 2021, there are around 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of ocean.

Polluting Companies

Rachel Koon, Staff Reporter June 10, 2021

What are the greatest contributing factors to climate change and pollution? Many would say cars or plastic bags. In reality, 100 fossil fuel companies are responsible for 71% of all global carbon emissions....

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