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It is now called Regal UA Midway, but this landmark cinema in Forest Hills, Queens, opened its doors as the RKO Midway Theatre in 1942, predating the MPAA film rating system by over twenty years. It is temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Suitable for General Audiences? The Rise and Fall of Censorship in Film

Kellen Knight, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

The Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) was founded by William Hays in 1922. It is now known as the Motion Picture Association (MPA), and describes itself as “the leading advocate...

Beautiful illustrations by Fumi Nakamara draw readers in and help to bring Nezhukumatathil’s memoir to life.

A Review of Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s ‘World of Wonders’

Jiada Valenza, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

Pandemic life in New York City is truly indescribable. As though out of an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone,’ the fast pace of the city that never sleeps has now dwindled to a crawl.  One would...

Jiong is a high school student in Singapore with a passion for music. He has been a music student for the past few years.

An Interview With Singaporean Music Student Jiong Regarding Cravity’s New Album ‘By Our Voice’

Melanie Lin, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

When Cravity's song 'My Turn' was released on January 19th, 2021, I knew that I had to write an article about it. In order to be more objective and critical, I enlisted the help of my great friend Jiong....

Timothy Snyder's 'On Tyranny' is a thoughtfully written and compelling guide as to how we can reverse our current democratic backsliding. It eerily predicted the events of January 6th, 2021.

Timothy Snyder’s ‘On Tyranny’ : A Guiding Light For Reversing America’s Democratic Backsliding

Peter Haywood, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

“Do not obey in advance.”  That is the very first lesson given in the book On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century by Yale professor Timothy Snyder. On Tyranny gives the reader...

One of the first things that drew me to Zayn was his Pakistani heritage and upbringing in Islam. When I was younger, my cousin and I gravitated towards him in 'One Direction' because of the representation, but when he left the band, we slowly distanced ourselves from the band’s ever-growing fanbase. Now that I have a larger understanding of my Bengali-Muslim heritage, I revisited Zayn’s music, both in 'One Direction' and in his solo career.

Why Everyone Should Be Listening to Zayn’s New Album, ‘Nobody Is Listening’

Shaira Jafar, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

After finding two TikTok videos in which the performers noted that if you pre-ordered the album Nobody Is Listening (NIL), and sent your order confirmation to Zayn’s official fan account, you could get...

Post-computer production was put into use in order to recreate Shibuya City on a massive scale, where 'Alice in Borderland' begins.

A Dystopian Setting Makes For an Engaging Thriller With ‘Alice in Borderland’

Raitah Jinnat, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

I’m sure most of us are quite familiar with Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Alice in Wonderland, in which Alice falls down the rabbit hole into the unknown, embarking on some unusual adventures and meeting...

The Regency Era was a period of social and cultural development, due to the Prince of Wales’ patronage for the arts. This contributed to a greater importance being placed on women to be the ‘best dressed’, where they could change their clothes up to six times a day.

Period Dramas Are Too Good to Be True

Helen Stone, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

It is the beginning of the wedding season. You slip on your ornate gown and satin elbow-length gloves, and you take a short ride in your carriage to the host’s grand home. There you are greeted by dozens...

Here are the the new iPhone 12 models.

A Concise Introduction to Apple’s Latest Releases

Ashley Lim, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

Apple released multiple products in late 2020, including the new AirPods Max, iPhone 12, iPad Air, and the MacBook Air and Pro. Avid fans had expected a release around that time of year since it is...

Blank Cards: How Do You Create a Card Game From Scratch?

Blank Cards: How Do You Create a Card Game From Scratch?

Tiankuo Zhang, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

Card games are a long-standing form of entertainment, whether one plays the western game of poker, the eastern game of Hanafuda, or the global game of Yu-Gi-Oh. Played worldwide by millions of users, card...

Before watching Season Two of 'The Promised Neverland,' I highly recommend that you watch the first season in order to gain a full understanding of the series. Both Seasons One and Two are currently available for streaming on Hulu (subscription required).

First Impressions of ‘The Promised Neverland,’ Season Two

Saamiya Ahmed, Staff Reporter March 20, 2021

The second season of 'The Promised Neverland' has been met with mixed reviews so far. At the time of the publication of this article, ten out of the projected twelve episodes have now been released, so...

Dark, Deep, and Dreamy: A Review of Jeffrey Eugenides’s Novels ‘Middlesex’ and ‘The Marriage Plot’

Katia Anastas, Staff Reporter March 20, 2021

The American writer Jeffrey Eugenides' novels Middlesex and The Marriage Plot serve as a formidable pair of novels, each one presenting an atmospheric, detail-packed world centered around the theme of...

A trailer of 'Stranger Things Season 4,' was recently released on Twitter by 'Netflix.'

A Preview of Exciting Upcoming Movies and T.V. Shows

Angela Phuong, Staff Reporter March 20, 2021

One of Bronx Science students’ favorite pastimes is watching different movies and T.V. shows, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, so it is no surprise that students are excited about upcoming...

Taylor Swift announced the release of 'Evermore' on December 10th, 2020 through an Instagram post.

A Lyrical Masterpiece: An Analysis of ‘Evermore’ by Taylor Swift

Aissata Barry, Staff Reporter March 20, 2021

Surprise album releases are something that most artists approach with caution. Intricate album rollouts usually consist of the long-awaited announcement of a lead single, then the release of the full album...

Netflix’s ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ premiered on January 22nd, 2021. Pictured from left to right, the Winx are Stella, Terra, Bloom, Musa, and Aisha.

A Review of Netflix’s ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’

Jamie Lee Nicolas, Staff Reporter March 20, 2021

When I was in elementary school, I developed a morning ritual that I religiously stuck to each school day morning. After groggily getting out of bed, donning my school uniform, and grabbing a pancake from...

Candy hearts symbolize Valentine's Day for many students, even though they were unable to celebrate the holiday in person with their friends this year, due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

How Did Students Celebrate Valentine’s Day During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Chanel Richardson, Staff Reporter March 19, 2021

Valentine’s Day is the one special day a year dedicated to spreading love and gifts to those around you, and some people are even lucky enough to spread this joy with their loved ones. Looking back at...

An image from the theme page of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'

The Legacy of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

Johannah Doyle, Staff Reporter March 18, 2021

After fourteen years of airtime, the reality program Keeping Up With the Kardashians (KUWTK) is finally wrapping up this year.  The show chronicles the lives of the Kardashian-Jenner family, a...

'The Mandalorian' is a huge hit among Star Wars fans.

This Is the Way: A Star Wars Revival

Alex Tembelis, Staff Reporter March 18, 2021

I will be honest –– I am a huge Star Wars fan. Although the films were not released in my generation, I instantly fell in love with the original trilogy, eventually transitioning to the prequels and...

This new hit KDrama ‘True Beauty’ is available to stream weekly on Raukten Viki. Rakuten Viki is a streaming platform that makes available numerous popular Asian TV shows and movies for streaming, making it extremely accessible to viewers in the Western world.

‘True Beauty’ and the Rise in Popularity of Korean Television Dramas

Ellen Wu, Staff Reporter March 15, 2021

As Korean culture gains more and more popularity in the western world, there is a sudden rise in viewership of the iconic Korean television dramas, otherwise known as K-Dramas. With a lot of K-Dramas available...

 Though ‘Soul’ has not been released in theaters, the movie has still had an incredible cultural impact upon the world.

How ‘Soul’ Puts Our Current Troubles in Perspective

Katrina Tablang, Staff Reporter March 14, 2021

By the end of 2020, many people were left disillusioned and disheartened due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. People had come to expect disappointment each time they checked the news. Fortunately,...

Here is the setting for the iconic bridge scene in 'Skyfall.'

Who Should Be the Next James Bond?

Saad Khandakar, Staff Reporter March 11, 2021

Cinematic history was made the moment that the late Sir Sean Connery uttered the words “Bond… James Bond” during a game of Baccarat in 1962’s Dr. No. Sixty years, six actors, and twenty-four films...

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