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The Nightmare from 1781, a painting by the Swiss painter and writer Henry Fuseli, is widely considered to be one of the most famous gothic paintings ever. Photo Credit: Henry Fuseli, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Horror’s Metamorphosis From Paper to the Silver Screen

Ray Rivera, Staff Reporter October 26, 2023

Everybody seems to love the exhilaration of being frightened. Since ancient times, humanity has been fascinated with finding a cunning and innocuous use for the oldest and most primordial emotion, fear....

During the night, the Jiufen Old Street is illuminated by the glow of lanterns, resembling scenes one might see at a haunted house. Photo credit: Photo credit: Sunkenbean, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Embracing Fantasy and Imagination: How Non-Horror Movies Still Capture the Essence of Halloween

Grace Mao, Staff Reporter October 24, 2023

As the haunting spirit of the Halloween season creeps upon us, we invite the scariest of monsters, beasts, and ghouls onto our television screens to satisfy our desire for suspense. Ever since the emergence...

The world-renowned American Museum of Natural History has gained a new addition to its campus. The Gilder Center, now opened to the public from May 4th, 2023, marks a significant milestone in both the architecture and the exhibition style of the museum. (Photo used by permission of Iwan Baan)

New York’s New Gilder Center: A Transcendent Fusion of the Arts and Sciences

Claire Elkin, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

New York City’s blocks of buildings are admired by any who consider themselves to be architectural connoisseurs. The centuries of populations that have resided in the 'City that Never Sleeps' have left...

Here is the only known photographic portrait of Vincentv Van Gogh at the age of 19.

A Look Into Vincent Van Gogh’s Life and Legacy

Katherine Han, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

Praised as one of the most influential artists in the world, Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh led a life that does not quite live up to the glory of his name now. With little formal art education,...

Actor Ben Platt sits on the stage of the Jacobs Theater for the entirety of the 15 minute intermission, representing the months that Leo Frank spent waiting, alone, in his jail cell.

Parade’s Savvy Storytelling of Antisemitism Is Not Stuck in the Past

Helen Stone, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

When I first saw actors marching across the stage, waving Confederate flags and singing songs venerating the legacy of the Confederacy, I was taken aback. Though I knew that the actors were pretending...

Seeing Taylor Swift with my best friends was the best night of my life.

My Personal Experience With Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Sophia Markens, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

Drop everything now. After five long years, Taylor Alison Swift has returned to the stage. Taylor Swift is one of the most well known names in pop culture to date. Since her self-titled debut album...

Here are Judy Blume’s Blubber and Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, the exact copy that was my mothers.

What Judy Blume Means to Gen-Z

Liza Greenberg, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

An age of rotary phones, Bing Crosby, and going steady. A time when unaccompanied fourth graders roamed New York City streets and high school seniors only applied to three colleges. An age foreign to the...

A Profile of the Director Wes Anderson

Peter Rooney, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

In an atmosphere of ever-expanding films of budgets unimaginable and star-studded casts, the work of long-appraised filmmakers, such as the controversial and unique Wes Anderson, is more essential than...

‘Shepherd and Shepherdess’ by Winslow Homer is one of the most distinguished pieces produced by a member of the Tile Club that is identifiable as such. It is meant to be a decorative mantelpiece of two “old fashioned” herders, and is one of the artist’s most ambitious tile pieces along with several other tile creations.

Referring to the Past: A Review of ‘New York Art Worlds, 1870-1890’ at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Dara King, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

Imagine walking between Washington Square Park and the Flatiron Building in the late 1800s, taking in the views and beautiful scenery that the prosperity of the neighborhoods provided. What is lesser...

English actress Emily Beecham portrays Maura Henriette Franklin/Singleton in the Netflix series 1899. (Photo Credit: Vera de Kok, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Truly Mind-Bending: A Review of the Mystery Science Fiction Series ‘1889’

Alvina Rahman, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

From the brilliant minds of the creators behind the hit series ‘Dark’, ‘1899’ is a mind boggling thriller mystery that will be sure to have viewers eager to find out what happens next. This is...

The final scene in Your Name takes place on these stairs. (Photo Credit: J.L. Lacar / Unsplash)

Action, Emotions, and Awe: A Review of Shinkai Makoto’s ‘Suzume’s Door Locking’

Marley Kang, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

東宝 東宝株式会社 (Toho Toho Company, LTD) This is one of the first things one sees at the beginning of any of Shinkai Makoto’s work as well as all Japanese animated film. The greenish-blue background...

Here are various iterations of my game development.

The Three Year Process: The Journey of a Novice Game Designer

Tiankuo Zhang, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

For the past three years, I have embarked on the journey of game development. I went through dozens of ideas, looped through the hoops of initial design and beta testing over and over again, tested my...

Many people edit photos on their computer using Adobe products. (Photo Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash)

The Digital Wave: The Shift From Traditional to Digital Mediums In Art

Mariam Samake, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

Our society has steadily been shifting regarding the ways in which it views work. While some millennials may consider work as a means of having a steady income, people are working together to turn their...

Georgia OKeeffe captures a scene as simple as a sunset in eight parts.

Georgia O’Keeffe at the MoMA: ‘To See Takes Time’ – and a Plethora of Drawing

Sela Emery, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

“To see takes time” said American artist Georgia O’Keeffe about the formation of friendships. Accustomed to a slow-paced lifestyle, owing to her upbringing on a farm near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin,...

One of Picasso’s earliest French paintings, Le Moulin de la Galette, is the collection’s crown jewel. It was recently restored in preparation for this exhibit.

‘Young Picasso in Paris’ at The Guggenheim: How ‘The City of Light’ Transformed the Artist

Allegra Lief, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

When the name ‘Pablo Picasso’ comes up in conversation, you probably think of the fragmented figures, angular lines, or blue brushstrokes that compose the majority of his prized works of art. Yet,...

Kazuo Ishiguro, writer and Nobel Prize laureate, graces us with a new dimension in his literary universe. His novel Klara and the Sun is a dystopian science fiction tale. (Photo Credit: Frankie Fouganthin, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘Klara and the Sun’: Imagining Technology In a Not So Distant Future

Faizunnesa Mahzabin, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

Kazuo Ishiguro once said, “I like novelists who can create other worlds.” He does exactly that in each of his brilliant novels. His 2021 release, Klara and the Sun is one of the many worlds he has...

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most notable tourist attractions in New York City. Every year, thousands of people visit the museum to see their most famous event - the Met Gala. (Photo Credit: Lucas Ferretti / Flickr / Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The 2023 Met Gala: Why Is Fashion’s Biggest Night So Famous?

Irene Yimmongkol, Staff Reporter July 19, 2023

In the heart of springtime in Manhattan stand thousands of people waiting outside various high-end hotels barricaded by security guards. They have been lingering for  hours in the afternoon sun, which...

With a staggering increase of over 200% in user registrations over recent years and a vibrant community engaging in thrilling matches, has solidified its position as the premier online chess platform, redefining the ways in which the world plays and connects through the game of kings. (Photo Credit: Lee Daniel Crocker, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

How Chess Became a Global Phenomenon From the Middle Ages to the Digital Age

Jack Murdock, Staff Reporter July 19, 2023

Chess is a game with a long and rich history, stretching back more than a thousand years to the ancient kingdoms of India. From its origins as a game of strategy and war, chess has evolved into a pastime...

A Musical End to the School Year: Reflections on the Bronx Science 2023 Spring Concert

Jacey Mok, Staff Reporter July 19, 2023

A slew of musicians file into the auditorium with instruments in hand. The brass saxophones twinkle in the sunshine emanating from the lobby. The Jazz Band has entered. A medley of harmonizing instruments...

Here are the famous MET Museum steps where tourists from all over the world come to relax after seeing art. It is also the location where Blair Waldorf and her friends had lunch.

Visiting New York City Attractions That You Know From Film and Television

Krittika Chowdhury, Staff Reporter July 19, 2023

New York City is known for a lot of things. From  historical landmarks such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty to the impact it has on the world's financial and architectural  realms,...

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