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The NFL offseason delivered a spectacle, as the league has undergone a seismic change. Now, all we can do is wait until the games kick off to see how massive that change truly is.

Thrilling, Unpredictable, and League-Changing: Looking Back at the NFL’s Offseason for the Ages

Ethan Weinberg, Staff Reporter July 25, 2022

Massive contracts. Short retirements. Shocking trades. A broadcasting frenzy. An unpredictable draft.  The result? A seismic change in the NFL that will impact its teams, players, coaches, and...

Fans by the thousands flock to watch their favorite teams compete, and with science, we can discover why.

The Sports Charm: The Power and Draw of Competitive Athletics

Sam Chin, Staff Reporter July 25, 2022

The time is seven p.m., Sunday, and televisions are broadcasting the latest football game. People settle on their couches, opening bags of chips or canned beverages. Dinner cleanup begins, with the kitchen...

The World Cup is a quadrennial competition that crowns a new football champion once every four years. The most recent World Cup concluded in 2018, when Russia hosted the event. Four years later, the World Cup hosted in Qatar will take place during November to December 2022. “The World Cup only happens every four years, so you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to watch it,” said Lucy Paolini ’23.

Everything That You Need to Know for the Upcoming World Cup

Shahabir Sami, Staff Reporter July 24, 2022

Once every four years, a champion rises to prominence before the entire world. With millions of fans witnessing their triumph, the winners of the quadrennial competition bring pride not only to themselves...

Students get to play different sports and explore different forms of exercise in their Bronx Science Physical Education classes. Mr. Fallon said, “Here at Bronx Science, we have a high workload, with Advanced Placement classes and all the academic assignments. Exercise is a great way to help you to boost your mood, and it’s also a great stress management technique.”

Get Moving: Tips on How to Exercise More

Jacey Mok, Staff Reporter July 22, 2022

You’ve probably heard it about a hundred times: exercise is good for you. It reduces the risk of practically every disease, reduces stress, and keeps you fit. It even generates endorphins – or...

Members of the Boys Varsity Lacrosse Team compete during a game.

The Culmination of a Three Year Lacrosse Journey at Bronx Science

Maximilian Kramer, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

As the final whistle blew, the Bronx Science bench full of fans erupted in celebration. Everything was going to plan for the Bronx Science Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse team. But little did they know this would...

The new CBA has attracted new fans to its game, while deterring others with its rule changes.

Are the Rules in the Newest Collective Bargaining Agreement Good for Baseball?

Issay Niki, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

Following a lengthy lockout during  the MLB offseason which bled into spring training, the players union and team owners agreed to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The new CBA has brought...

The Bronx High School of Science has a competitive Girls Varsity Gymnastics team that recently won the Public School Athletic League City Championship.

The Problem of Gender Disparity in Sports

Donna Celentano, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

Sports have been a constant in human civilization for centuries, with a mural from ancient Crete from around 1500-1600 BCE being the first documentation of a sport ever. However, with age comes change,...

Here are the members of the Boy’s Varsity Table Tennis Team. From left to right: Nick Lin ’22, Colin Cheng ’25, Sebastian Rosero-Mayer ’23, Shivas Khera ’22, Alexander Wong ’23, Oliver Friedli ’25, Coach Daniel Skilins, Henry Bardey ’25, Kadas Tsoi ’23, Edward Huang ’23, Luke Ellerstein ’23, and Junyu Zheng ’25.

The Boys’ Varsity Table Tennis Team Reflects on a Year of Growth and Success

Benjamin Fishbein, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

The Bronx Science Boys’ Varsity Table Tennis team entered the playoff bracket in the 2022 season as the first seed. The team was, at that point, undefeated with 12 wins and no losses.  “It...

“It’s fun to see someone succeed with the odds stacked against them,” said Miles Kross ’23, a Rangers and Mets fan. This mentality is shared by millions of people around the world, showing up not only in major sporting events like March Madness but even with political leanings.

The Underdog Appeal in Sports

Hallel Abrams Gerber, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

“We've got heart!/ All you really need is heart!/ When the odds are sayin' you'll never win/ That's when the grin should start,” sings the cast of the musical Damn Yankees! as the characters muse about...

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated damage to the brain tissue.

The Chronic Risks of Contact Sports

Maximilian Kramer, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

Chronic memory loss, impaired judgment, aggression, parkinsonism, and eventually progressive dementia -- it would seem rational that one would try to avoid such things, and yet every year thousands of...

Carmelo Anthony was once considered to be one of the most irreplaceable NBA players in NBA history.

Carmelo Anthony’s Fall From Grace

Nusaiba Afra, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan -- these are the names that come to mind when one thinks of basketball. They’re the marquee names, popular enough to catch the eye of Nike and to be marketed...

Here is an example of TaeKwonDo sparring in action.

The Technical Tactics of TaeKwonDo

Elizabeth Gloria Jung, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

As I lay my chest protector atop my crisply pristine dobok, I feel like a warrior. My dolyeo-chagi kick aims high and true, as the definitive crackle of my loose trousers connecting with the wind rings...

The Bronx Science Boys’ Swimming and Diving team won the 2021-22 PSAL championship.

Just Keep Swimming: A Recap of the 2021-2022 Season of the Bronx Science Boys’ Varsity Swim Team

Issay Niki, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

An undefeated season, becoming city champs, and setting PSAL records -- The Bronx Science Boys’ Varsity Swimming Team achieved it all during the 2021-2022 season. The Bronx Science Boys’ Varsity...

The Olympics is an event that occurs every four years where thousands of top athletes from hundreds of different countries compete for fame, and perhaps even an Olympic medal.

A Review of the 2022 Winter Olympics

Tiffany Wang, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

As snow hit the ground and athletes competed for gold for their countries, the Olympics were underway. Viewers from all over the world eagerly turned on their TVs, having waited four years since the last...

Diana Campbell ’22 is a renowned and accomplished student-athlete at Bronx Science. She has committed to run Division III track at the University of Chicago, she established the Bronx Science Student Diversity Committee, has been part of Student Organization and Cabinet for a number of her years at Bronx Science, and is part of the SAP Board. She was also on the Bronx Science Girl’s Varsity Volleyball team, who defended their City championship for the first time in school history this past fall.

A Profile of the Inspiring Track and Field Student-Athlete, Diana Campbell ’22

Josephine Kinlan, Staff Reporter March 13, 2022

Sitting under an indoor tree in the popular Columbia University campus cafe, Dear Mama, Diana Campbell ’22 and I converse about the trajectory that each of our lives is taking. Our conversation goes...

Kael Carcamo ’23 and Samuel Bediako ’23 pose with the awards plaque for their PSAL Championship, the Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Relay Varsity Boys 1st Place PSAL 2021-2022 Award.

The Track Stars of Bronx Science

Fairuz Omar Raya, Staff Reporter March 13, 2022

“State your name, please.” “My name is Samuel Bediako.” Bediako ’23 is one of the captains of the Bronx Science Boys' Varsity Track team. As he settles in for the interview, I wonder how...

The Nebraska Cornhuskers celebrate dramatically, falling to the ground and exclaiming in glee, after defeating Pittsburgh to advance to the NCAA Finals.

Women’s College Volleyball Elevates: New Winners, New Players, and New Heights (Literally!)

Josephine Kinlan, Staff Reporter March 7, 2022

Nail-biting, toe-tapping spectators froze in the stands of the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Wisconsin and Nebraska stood at match point in the NCAA Women’s Division 1 Volleyball Championship....

Of the sixteen skaters on Team USA this year, some notable fan favorites include Mariah Bell, Alysa Liu, and Nathan Chen. In the mens short program, Nathan Chen broke the world record by scoring 113.57 in his gold-medal performance.

An Overview of Olympic Figure-Skating and Recreational Ice-Skating

Jacey Mok, Staff Reporter March 7, 2022

“Next to skate, representing the United States of America,” says the announcer as the crowd begins to erupt in applause, “Nathan Chen.”  The 6-time U.S. national champion skates towards...

Cooper Douglas Kupp (born June 15, 1993) is an American football wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams of the National Football League (NFL), from his Wikipedia page.

An MVP Race for the Ages: Cooper Kupp of the National Football League (NFL)

Maximilian Kramer, Staff Reporter March 6, 2022

Cooper Kupp had arguably the greatest season that a wide receiver has ever had. Jonathan Taylor had over 2100 scrimmage yards and carried the Colts to relevance. Aaron Donald has three players guarding...

In response to China’s genocidal policies against the Uyghurs, people are protesting the games and the message being sent to the rest of the world.

The Beijing Winter Olympics: Concerns and Controversy

Ethan Weinberg, Staff Reporter March 1, 2022

Only six months after the delayed Tokyo games came to an end, the Beijing Winter Olympics are currently underway. The events are set to be as exciting as ever before, but also marred by conflict. With...

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