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Here is the Bronx Science Coed Varsity Cricket Team for 2022-2023 present at the Bronx High School of Science versus Lehman High School game. From Left to Right: Back Row: Abdul Gill (Captain) ’23, Awais Abid ’24, Rajdeep Banik (wicketkeeper) ’26, Abhinav Akella ’26, Siddharth Korukonda (Captain, wicketkeeper) ’23, Krithk Dhandia ’26, Aarav Dugar ’24, Adi Jain ’26, Emmanuel Satkunarajah ’23; Middle Row/Sitting: Junaid Mahi ’24, Kareem Malik (Captain) ’23, Sunay Chawla (Captain) ’25, Abdullah Ratol ’25, Arefin Soumeen ’24; Coach Mark Maraj middle, sitting;           Not present: Arka Nath ’23, Arham Miah ’25, Talha Haque ’24, Shubham Patel ’24, Chahat Aujla ’25, Kamya Parikh ’24 (Manager), Jazmine Pawar ’24 (Manager), Krittika Chowdhury ’23, Manager (Photo Credit: May Sen ’24 Team Manager)

One Down: A Profile of the Bronx Science Coed Varsity Cricket Team

Kareem Malik, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

Crack! The Bronx Science Coed Varsity Cricket team’s cries can be heard a mile away. The fourth of Adi Jain’s sixes soars over the boundary, bringing him one boundary away from 50 runs, a half-century....

Hundreds of ultramarathoners gather to compete in the Sahara Race, the annual 50 Kilometer footrace held in Egypt. (Photo Credit: John Doe, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Another Thirty Miles To Go: Ultramarathons and How to Prepare

Tori Wee, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

A man once ran 26.2 miles and died.  However, today, thousands of people in the United States alone, not all with professional expertise, prove they can do the same without dying.  The man in question,...

Here are the proud members of the Girls Varsity Fencing team holding their accomplishments!

A Lunge into Victory as PSAL City Champions: A Profile on the Bronx Science Girls’ Varsity Fencing Team

Vanessa Encarnacion, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

With white uniforms and steel blades in hand, the Bronx Science’s Girls’ Varsity Fencing team dominated the Spring 2023 season, claiming the title of the PSAL City Championships for both Foil and Epee...

Fencing is a sport enjoyed by athletes of all ages, and the three weapons used offer a good selection of different experiences. (Photo Credit: CHUTTERSNAP / Unsplash)

The Future of Men’s Saber Fencing

Gabriel McCarthy, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

Fencing is the sport that epitomizes everything your mom told you not to do: hit people with swords and yell as loud as you can. However, fencing is rooted in respect, and a majority of the competitors...

Pictured is Shohei Ohtani, a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels and a current star of Major League Baseball. (Photo Credit: Mogami Kariya, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Major Changes for Major League Baseball

Tamar Padwa, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

Baseball, once hailed as "America's pastime," is running out of time. In the 1800s, when the sport first gained popularity, it had no competition from faster-paced forms of entertainment. But in our modern...

This 2023 NFL Draft, pictured here, took place in Kansas City, Missouri. The draft and free agency make up the most important parts of the offseason, enabling teams to make additions to their rosters that could prove pivotal in the upcoming season. Photo Credit: Cpl. Alexis Moradian, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A Deep Dive Into the 2023 NFL Offseason

Ethan Weinberg, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

It’s that time of year again, as the NFL’s offseason slowly simmers to a close. Training camp is on the horizon, a prelude to the season that edges ever so closer by the day.  Before the players...

Pictured is Nikola Jokić, who is the best player in the Denver Nuggets. Jokic together with Murray helped the Denver Nuggets to make it into the NBA finals. (Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

A Recap of the 2023 NBA Finals

Fei Ji, Staff Reporter July 17, 2023

Every year, at the start of June, two basketball teams begin their match to fight for the renowned Larry O’Brian trophy. This match, known as the NBA finals, is held by one of the top basketball leagues...

Babe Ruth, one of sports most recognizable figures, swings his bat before stepping up to the plate.

You Could Be the Greatest, You Could Be the Best

Chase Teichholz, Staff Reporter June 6, 2023

The crowds are explosively loud, reflecting the extraordinary play in front of them. Commentators praise the spectacle they have just witnessed as “brilliant.”  And then, there is deafening silence.  Millions...

My pilot, surprisingly, trusted me enough to hand me the GoPro in the air. Pictured below are the Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon, Butterfly Valley, and the city of Fethiye behind the mountains, all in the country of Turkey.

Soaring Above: The Wonders of Paragliding

Charlotte Zhou, Staff Reporter June 6, 2023

The drive up Mount Babadağ was bumpy, to say the least. With potholes, sharp turns, and a road so narrow that the bus was nearly driving on air, the 30-minute ride seemed to go on forever. I remember...

Whether due to the foreign design of the cars, the popularity of drivers, or the international appeal, Formula 1 is slowly growing in popularity across the world.

The Appeal of Formula One, the International Auto Racing Sport

Aaminah Bukhari, Staff Reporter June 6, 2023

It’s early Sunday morning and the television  is switched onto the ESPN channel. The camera flashes out to crowds, nearly all of them wearing their flags and cheering enthusiastically in the stands....

Manchester City, winners of four of the last five seasons, have grown exponentially in the last decade, from a team that almost never won, to a team that has become synonymous with utter victory. Their motto “Superbia in proelio” translates to “pride in battle, but recently the blue crew’s pride has been stained by accusations of financial cheating.

Could the Champions Be Kicked? Manchester City’s Possible Exile From the Premier League

Kareem Malik, Staff Reporter June 6, 2023

Soccer is the most viewed sport in the world, with over half of the global population tuning in to every FIFA World Cup. Viewership passed 1.5 billion people for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final, breaking...

Here are members of the ultimate frisbee team after their major 15-2 win against Stuyvesant High School.

New Strategies, New Goals, New Faces: Bronx Science’s Ultimate Frisbee Team Set to Soar to the Top

Helen Stone, Staff Reporter June 6, 2023

Beyond the turf of Harris Field, spread out in the grass, a group of twenty-two players are tossing a plastic disc back and forth, warming up for an intense practice. They’re wearing cleats and unassuming...

After being named the 2022 American League Reliever of the Year, Edwin Díaz re-signed with the New York Mets on a five-year deal. While playing for Team Puerto Rico this year, Díaz suffered a severe knee injury and may be sidelined for the entire season.

The World Baseball Classic is Back in Full Swing, But is It Still a Miss?

Lucas Melendez, Staff Reporter June 6, 2023

The trumpets sound. 'The Closer' makes his pilgrimage to the mound.  There will be no opportunity for the Dominican Republic to rebound. In the fight between David versus Goliath, Rey David has...

William Loh 25 wears his wrestling uniform in this portrait photo.

A Profile on William Loh ’25: Balancing Three Sports, Academics, and Key Club

Nora Gupta, Staff Reporter June 6, 2023

William Loh '25 the Student Athlete Amongst the plethora of Bronx Science’s diligent students and scholars, athletes also flourish. Athletics at Bronx Science harbor students who are academically...

Pictured is Grace Zagoria 23, looking back after a dynamic pole vault leap.

Dedication and Prowess: A Profile of the Bronx Science Girls’ Varsity Indoor Track Team

Vanessa Encarnacion, Staff Reporter May 29, 2023

Endurance. Stamina. Speed. All of these traits are required for the Girls’ Varsity Indoor Track Team at Bronx Science. In this PSAL team, there’s more than the pole vaults, the kilometer runs, and...

A crowd of runners pushes forward as people watch from the sidelines during the 2010 Boston Marathon.

The 2023 Boston Marathon: An Overview

Joshua Im, Staff Reporter May 14, 2023

In anticipation of the oldest annual footrace, thousands of participants gathered from across the globe in Boston, Massachusetts, where they ran this year’s full 26.2-mile (or 42.2 kilometers) race....

Pelé passed away on the 29th of December, 2022. “He is one of the all-time greats, a 3-time World Cup winner with Brazil,” said Jack Goss ’23.

Pelé: The Legacy of O Rei

Shahabir Sami, Staff Reporter May 1, 2023

 Dazzling up and down the pitch and even through defenders as the commentators lose their voice, he scores yet another goal.  His young friends move the gigantic cards, looking to replace...

The Wolverines started off the new year with a successful home tournament on 1/7/23. The team placed 1st for the girls and 2nd for boys overall against 22 other schools.

The Reality for Bronx Science Wrestlers: Behind a Small Sports Community

Shawna Khuu, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

“Start jogging.”  These are the words that every wrestler either dreads or loves to hear.  For the Bronx Science wrestlers, practice starts off with a myriad of conditioning (the physical...

Here are the members of the Girls’ Varsity Table Tennis Team for Winter 2022-2023. From the top left to right: Manager Jessica Chen ’24, Mandy Phyu ’25, Tina Jiang ’24, Agatha Graham ’25, Alice Xing ’25, Ella Zheng ’24, Megan Lai ’24, Ada Hwang ’25, Irina Kolarova ’25, Madelyn Chin ’25, and Kara Chow ’24, and Jiwoo Hwang 25, Sofia Lee Verovic ’26 and Manager Emily Xia ’24 (not present in the photo).

Bronx Science’s Girls’ Varsity Table Tennis Team: A True Adventure

Ella Zheng, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

Winning PSAL championships for two years in a row in 2019 and 2021, along with placing second place in 2022, has encouraged the Girls’ Varsity Table Tennis Team to strive to maintain their newfound legacy....

Visitors can register for private or group skating lessons at Bryant Park at Prices start at $65 for a private one-on-one lesson.

Ice Skating at Bryant Park: A New York Classic

Jacey Mok, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

Every winter, the lush green lawn at Bryant Park in Manhattan is removed and recycled. After two weeks of grueling labor, “New York’s Backyard” is transformed into the famous Bryant Park ice skating...

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