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Here are some of the Editors-in-Chief of 'The Science Survey' during a Zoom meeting as they planned out this advice column. From left to right, top to bottom: Samama Moontaha '21, Edie Fine '21, Alina Chan '21, Lavanya Manickam '21, Maggie Schneider '22, and Michael Toscano '21.

March 2021 Advice Column: Navigating Our Virtual World !

Hey, Bronx Science! We are hoping that you have a more positive Spring 2021, given the increased pace of vaccine roll-out (hope for the future, post-pandemic) and the fact that the weather is warming...

Print out this crossword box so that you can fill in the answers.

March 2021 Crossword: Trailblazing Women & Feminist Icons

Maggie Schneider, Staff Reporter March 20, 2021

To complete the crossword at home, simply click on the crossword box, print it out, and fill in the boxes using the clues below! Across 2) Author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman 4) Woman...

Samama Moontaha ’21, Namira Mehedi ’21, and Vincent Harwood ’23, members of the Bronx Science Model United Nations team, lead the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC).

The SciMUN Tradition Continues

Ruhika Ponda, Staff Reporter March 18, 2021

“Are there any points or motions on the floor?”  Committee Chair Samama Moontaha ’21 called the conference into session via Zoom for the first time in SciMUN history. Traditionally, she would...

This is a visual interpretation of “HiberNation” written by Arjun Mazumdar ’21. The painting is inspired by various scenic descriptions in the poem, specifically the last stanza that states, “Around us, life persists loudly / Verdant scenes spill into the empty stages unabashed” (20-21). The setting is in Times Square in Manhattan, where nature reconquers its lost self and clings onto modernity.

A Bronx Science Pandemic Chapbook

Paromita Talukder, Staff Reporter March 18, 2021

(noun) Poetry /ˈpōətrē/ — the derivation of a spill, a leakage from the structured hourglass that defines our systematic society. Its presence, like the natural world itself, is the entropy of the...

“It’s sad that America has become so divided that we don’t even see each other as fellow humans anymore,

As Expected, America Failed Again: Bronx Science Students’ Perspective on the Capitol Riot

Logan Klinger, Staff Reporter March 17, 2021

On January 6th, 2021, the United States was forever changed when alt-right rioters stormed the Capitol. The rioters, enraged by the results of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, looted and wreaked havoc...

Zoya Garg '21 hugs the Indian snowwoman, named Bindya, that she and her little brother built in Central Park.

An Ode to the First Snow Day

Montana Lee, Staff Reporter March 16, 2021

Snowstorms may become a norm. At least, it feels that way — lots of snow hit the city streets in December 2020, and in late January and February 2021, with light snow coming down more often than...

When Itamar Pres ’21 returned to the school building to pick up textbooks for his remote learning classes, he found himself reminiscing. “I miss the various smiles, jokes, and brief conversations in the hallways in between periods,” said Pres.

How Bronx Science Students Will Remember the Year 2020

Julia Sperling, Staff Reporter March 6, 2021

“Historical.” “Stolen.” “Overwhelming.”  These are just a few ways that Bronx Science students describe the year 2020.  In 2020, we endured the global Coronavirus pandemic,...

This is the YouVisit college touring website. It has features that allow YouVisit to search for colleges that are ideal for you, based off of your future career choices.

Touring Colleges, Virtually During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Maribel Alley, Staff Reporter March 6, 2021

The fall of a student's junior year in high school is a time where many soon-to-be seniors start checking out colleges. Juniors visit colleges and universities in which interested in. They search the internet...

Here is Ms. Daly (pictured at right), a Bronx Science Chemistry teacher, at a local concert during her senior year of high school in the year 2005, with one of her friends.

Rhapsodies in School

Maanya Shah, Staff Reporter January 30, 2021

When Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said that music was the universal language of mankind, he was probably talking about the magic that a song holds, one that is defiant of time and age, and of life and death....

Some of the Editors-in-Chief of the 2020-2021 ‘The Science Survey’ meet via Zoom to plan out the next issue. Together, they wrote this January 2021 advice column.  Pictured clockwise from top left are Jamie Lee Nicolas ’21, Montana Lee ’21, Logan Klinger ’21, Edie Fine ’21, Julia Sperling ’21, Kate Reynolds ’21.

January 2021 Advice Column: A Set of Fresh Faces

Dear Bronx Science,  We hope that you feel refreshed after a well-deserved winter break. As a start to the New Year, we’ve written an Advice Column that might help you with some resolutions.  Yes,...

Print out this crossword box so that you can fill in the answers.

January 2021 Crossword: Art, Artists, and Famous Paintings

Maggie Schneider, Staff Reporter January 12, 2021

To complete the crossword at home, simply click on the crossword box, print it out, and fill in the boxes using the clues below! Across 3) Art form associated with Frida Kahlo 7) Graffiti artist...

A construction meeting takes place on Zoom, where seasoned Robotics members brainstorm, discuss issues with one another, and ask and answer questions about their robot design.

CAD to COVID-19: A Pandemic is No Constraint For the Bronx Science Robotics Team

Akunna Njoku, Staff Reporter January 11, 2021

 I joined a Robotics Construction meeting on Google Meet in order to get a firsthand experience as to how the team is organizing their efforts during this year of remote schooling. The members welcomed...

Despite all of emails’ shortcomings, they still stand as a rapid form of communication used to deliver messages to large groups of people.

Dear Reader… No, Not Dear: The Perils of Email Etiquette

Cadence Chen, Staff Reporter January 11, 2021

Dear Reader, No, not dear. I don’t know this person… But is “dear” outdated? Do people even use that word anymore? Who even uses “dear” in real life? Wow, I sound really human with this copy...

During an all-staff Teens for Press Freedom meeting over Zoom, members discuss new ways to grow their letter writing campaign.

Teens for Press Freedom: Protecting Journalists and the First Amendment

Ellora Klein, Staff Reporter January 11, 2021

Round-the-clock, unfettered access to virtual news and social media can make it easy to consume and feed into the perpetual flow of information without thinking about where it is coming from. A disregard...

Dynamo members like Lucy Del Deo ’21 submitted their colored photographs for the first time last year. “I was really excited to be able to submit in color because I thought it really highlighted a side of photographs we don’t see in Dynamo. I also particularly loved the colors of this photograph,” Del Deo said.

Dynamo: Seeing in Color

Samantha Cavusoglu, Staff Reporter January 10, 2021

One part of Bronx Science life that the ongoing pandemic has strongly affected are the many clubs that have been forced to go virtual in the wake of remote learning. Among these clubs is Dynamo, a literary...

“I always try to be ‘human,’ but this year I made a concerted effort to err on the side of hyper flexibility and kindness. I have no doubts that some students will take advantage of this, but in the end, if the worst thing that could be said was that I was generous with an extension or I was ‘light’ this year.... I'll take it,” said Ms. Kountourakis.

The Host With the Most: Bronx Science Teachers’ Valiant Efforts to Make Virtual Learning As Good As It Can Be

Arianne Browne, Staff Reporter January 10, 2021

From Zoom to Google Meets, teachers and students alike are working hard to make the new virtual learning experience of the 2020-2021 academic year as enjoyable as possible. Drastic changes in the school...

One of the first ideas introduced by the Senior Council was Senior Masks, a great way to represent the Class of 2021 while staying safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

A Senior Year Dilemma: Senior Council’s Plans During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Sakeef Kibria, Staff Reporter January 5, 2021

In a time that is proving to be anything but normal during the Coronavirus pandemic, society has been transitioning into a way of life that can be considered the “new normal.” For the Senior Class...

Mr. McNickle, Rishi Amladi ’20, Sam Nesin ’20 and Suzune Montag ’20 all take delight in reconnecting during Bronx Science's Virtual 2020 Homecoming.

A Resounding Success: Bronx Science’s Virtual 2020 Homecoming

Logan Klinger, Staff Reporter January 4, 2021

When Bronx Science students imagine a traditional Homecoming, they think of gold and green streamers hanging in the cafeteria in bountiful strips and music echoing from the lobby. Any alumnus or alumna...

During the Winter Break of December 2019, before the Coronavirus pandemic radically altered holiday celebrations, Becky Chen ’21 attended a gingerbread house making competition with her friends at the Chinese American Planning Council in Queens.

A Change of Plans: How Winter Break Arrangements Are Changed Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Angela Phuong, Staff Reporter December 23, 2020

The current global Coronavirus pandemic has had an impact upon nearly every aspect of what we may have expected from 2020, including our plans for Winter Break. Before COVID-19, traveling during the break...

To celebrate Thanksgiving in a safe way, given the Coronavirus pandemic, Shireen Zaman ’22 played video games such as 'Genshin Impact' with her friends. 'Genshin Impact' is an online open world role-playing game.

Bronx Science Students’ Thanksgiving Stories During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Saamiya Ahmed, Staff Reporter December 8, 2020

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is the time of year when family and friends rejoice together and acknowledge everything for which they are thankful. But what happens when you are struck in the Coronavirus...

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