The Science Survey

Dynamo: Seeing in Color

Dynamo members like Lucy Del Deo ’21 submitted their colored photographs for the first time last year. “I was really excited to be able to submit in color because I thought it really highlighted a side of photographs we don’t see in Dynamo. I also particularly loved the colors of this photograph,” Del Deo said.
Samantha Cavusoglu, Staff Reporter January 10, 2021

Tips for Success With Remote Learning

Here are screenshots of ZOOM and Google Meet logos, which Bronx Science students see every day during the remote learning period of the Coronavirus pandemic. Every Bronx Science teacher is using one of the two platforms to conduct virtual classes.
Angela Phuong, Staff Reporter November 21, 2020

A High School Beginning Unlike Any Other

Kamya Parikh’s first year of high school can be described using two words: Google Meets.
Ellen Wu, Staff Reporter November 17, 2020
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