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Seniors at Bronx Sciences Homecoming on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2023, reconnected with their graduated friends, alumni from the Class of 2022.

A Reflection of the Bronx Science Senior Year

Donna Celentano, Staff Reporter May 30, 2023

I distinctly remember walking up to Bronx Science’s famous mural of Isaac Newton and other illustrious scientists during my ninth grade year and gawking at the daunting mosaic. Coming from a school with...

Here are the 2023 Bronx Science Shakespeare Competition winner Nava Litt ’25 (at left) and runner-up Lucy Beaubien-Paulson ’26 (at right). Both Litt and Beaubien-Paulson are fans of Shakespeare’s work. Litt said, “I think Shakespeare is unique in his ability to depict and express such a vast range of human emotion so capably and realistically.”

“Speak the Speech”: The 2023 English Speaking Union Shakespeare Competition at Bronx Science

Kate Hankin, Staff Reporter May 22, 2023

On Thursday, February 2nd, 2023, seven Bronx Science students gathered to compete for a spot in the 2023 English Speaking Union National Shakespeare Competition. Over 40,000 students from across the nation...

During the first meeting of Paper Crafts Club in October 2022, students made paper roses. It was was an instant hit.

The Art of Paper Crafts: A Profile of Bronx Science’s Paper Crafts Club

Tiffany Wang, Staff Reporter May 21, 2023

The word “paper” can carry negative connotations, especially for students who associate it with homework and exams. Additionally, some people perceive paper as being disposable, cheap, and sometimes...

Mr. Licardo points out, “The irony is that you can’t ask rigorous questions without being well-read in the first place.”

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Academic Dishonesty

Isabel Goldfarb, Staff Reporter May 21, 2023

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Industry has changed the way people live on a day-to-day basis. A.I., like it or not, is everywhere: personalized shopping, voice assistants, autonomous vehicles,...

Around 10% to 12% of the world’s population is left-handed, as is the case with this watercolor artist.

Superb Southpaws: The Left-Handed People of Bronx Science

Irene Yimmongkol, Staff Reporter May 12, 2023

Walking down the hallways of Bronx Science, you see thousands of faces light up. In this diverse environment, there are many different types of people- from all types of ethnic backgrounds and walks of...

The World Languages Department highly values and encourages student led discussion as a method of learning. A student taking Chinese (Mandarin) can be seen here presenting in one of the many Advanced Placement classes offered at Bronx Science.

The Wonders of the Bronx Science World Languages Department

Nora Torok, Staff Reporter May 11, 2023

 From its original founding in 1938, Bronx Science has been a driving force within the STEM field. With eight Nobel Prize award winning alumni in physics and chemistry, more than any other secondary...

Managing Editors, Copy Chiefs, and Editors-in-Chief of ‘The Science Survey,’ the writers of the May 2023 Advice Column, pose for a photo. Depicted above, from left to right, are William Fernando ’23, Tiankuo Zhang ’23, Shahabir Sami ’23, Griffin Weiss ’24, Maliha Chowdhury ’24, Acadia Bost ’24, Aaminah Bukhari ’23, Charlotte Zhou ’24, Ayshi Sen ’24, Yasmine Salha ’24, and Jacey Mok ’24.

May 2023 Advice Column: Achieving Success in the Spring Semester

Hello, Bronx Science! We, the Copy Chiefs, Managing Editors, and Editors-in-Chief of The Science Survey, are just as relieved as you are that the turbulent first semester has come to a close. Now, while...

Here is a photo of the Bronx Science Brigade placing second at MIST New York Regionals.

Bronx Science Muslim Students’ Association Moves to MIST Nationals!

Fairuz Omar Raya, Staff Reporter May 1, 2023

February 24th, 2023 It’s barely 7 A.M., the sun has just started to grace the sky, and the city is starting to wake up.  Although New York City public schools are on their midwinter break,...

Millions of people come to New Orleans every year in order to celebrate Mardi Gras, one of the most unique and musical celebrations in the country.

Dancing on the Delta: The Cultural History and Evolution of the New Orleans Music Scene

Aviv Kotok, Staff Reporter May 1, 2023

The sounds of blaring trumpets, rhythmic drums, and soulful singing can be heard all throughout Louisiana’s musical city. Whether you’re taking the escalator at the New Orleans International Airport,...

An elderly man and a young man build a part of Bangladesh.

‘Amar Sonar Bangla’: My Golden Bengal

Fairuz Omar Raya, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

“I think people around the world need to know more about us. And what better way for them to know about our country than to visit it? Bangladesh has exceptionally beautiful places to visit that are tourist-friendly....

The Appalachian forests are lush and green, providing a perfectly eerie environment for people to question their surroundings.

The Spine-Chilling Stories of Appalachia

Irene Yimmongkol, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

A notorious creature lurks in the deep forests of the Northern United States. His large size, mysterious nature, and infamous status draw thousands of people to search far and wide in the woods, and millions...

From its signature sweet taste to the nostalgia it brings, theres no wonder that hot chocolate is considered the ruling winter drink.

Froth and Cacao: A Review of Hot Chocolate Around New York City

Krisha Soni, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

It has become an unspoken tradition to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate the moment that winter knocks on your door. The staple winter drink provides no shortage of comfort, despite no two cups being...

Here are We Care Act NYC Co-heads Jeffrey Yang 23 and William Kim ‘23 after a successful recycling mission.

We Care Act: Bronx Science Students Give Back to Underserved Communities Within New York City

How Yat (Osmond) Chung, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

As technology advances, so do our schools. Increasingly, schools and educators are embracing technology in their teaching. This was further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Yet, a question remains...

The American Museum of Natural Historys paleontology team is shown digging for fossils on their 2022 trip to Mongolias Gobi Desert.

The American Museum of Natural History: A Behind the Scenes Look At the Largest Fossil Collection In the World

Claire Elkin, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

Eighty million years ago, present-day Mongolia’s Gobi Desert was a dinosaur’s paradise. Today, with its soaring valleys, beating sun, and sand dunes as far as the eye can see, the magnificent desert...

Pictured are Bronx Sciences 6 Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars for 2023. From Left to Right: Roni Shaham 23, Xin Qi Liu 23, Elif Camila Kulahlioglu 23, Julianne Lee 23, Vera Pankevich 23, and Kiele Morgan 23.

Revelations in Research: Bronx Science Recognizes Six Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholars from the Class of ’23

Hallel Abrams Gerber, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

Marie Curie once said, “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.” Bronx Science research students have internalized this message, creating work expected of researchers decades...

Baking club lets students let go of stress- and perfectionism. Anika Hong ‘24, says that even if her baked goods dont turn out perfectly, she enjoys the process.

A Sweet (and Savory) Way to End Your School Day

Tiffany Wang, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

Bronx Science is filled with scores of clubs and organizations, one hundred and three to be exact, but there is one specific club that stands out from the rest: Baking Club. Every Saturday, around...

Here is the produce market inside the Arthur Avenue Retail Market.

A Trip to Arthur Avenue, The Bronx

Lily Zufall, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

No two corners of New York City are quite the same. In a city that spans over 300 square miles, that’s a lofty statement. But with so many distinct cultures coexisting in one city, I think I can say...

The Art Students League is located on 57th street in Manhattan. After some time, the artworks displayed on the windows are replaced with others, They provide a glimpse into what may be created by the artists at this institution.

From Avant-Garde Sculptures to the Smallest of Brush Strokes: The Ins and Outs of The Art Students League

Tori Wee, Staff Reporter March 14, 2023

I recall taking the A train every morning on the weekends before 8 A.M. to attend youth classes at the Art Students League many years ago. Throughout three-hour-long classes, my mind tended to drift to...

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