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Emmaa Afful ’22, president of the LEAP club, sees the potential of environmental activism. “I think LEAP demonstrates that there’s a way for everyone to contribute to large scale issues. While the effect might not be felt globally, changing even your school or one person’s mindset is just as impactful,” Afful said.

A Profile of LEAP, the League of Environmental and Animal Protection

Olivia Wronski, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

California’s forests are burning down. In the first three months of 2022 alone, there have been 428 fires that have ravaged 5,161 acres of land. The glaciers at the poles are melting faster than ever...

Some of the Copy Chiefs of the 2021-2022 ‘Science Survey’ collaborate during a Zoom meeting after school. Pictured from left to right, top to bottom, are Katrina Tablang ’23, Maggie Schneider ’22, Katia Anastas ’23, Benjamin Fishbein ’22, Marian Caballo ’22 and Paromita Talukder ’22 (Not pictured: Sarah Derkach ’22).

April 2022 Advice Column: Tips on the College Process

Hey Bronx Science! Do you hear the chirping of birds outside? See a dazzling display of newly budded flowers? Feel a calming breeze in the air? It must be the beginning of Spring, with its promises...

A team at AtomHacks VIII gets help from mentor and Fullstack Web Development Workshop host Harry Shapiro ’14.

AtomHacks: A Look into Bronx Science’s Hackathon

Jillian Chong, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

At the TechCrunch Hackathon in 2010, it took just twenty-four hours for two programmers to make a group-messaging app that was previously slated to take eighteen months to build. Coming up with the idea...

People young and old gather around to celebrate, invigorated by the spirit of the festival. Shivas Khera ’22 described the holiday as “one of the most well-known and cherished Hindu festivals around the world.”

Holi: The History of a Rich and Colorful Holiday

Pritika Patel, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

The rich bass of dhols fills the air as masses of people converge to participate in what is known as the most colorful holiday of the year. The smell of fresh sweets like gulab jamuns and cooling drinks...

Science Survey staff members read an old issue of The Science Survey. The paper dates back to 1938 when Bronx Science was first established.

Behind the Scenes at ‘The Science Survey’

Kate Hankin, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

The sound of passionate typing and light chatter fills Room 214 as Mr. Thorp's students work on their articles, honing their craft as journalists. The Journalism Workshop meets daily to work on the school's...

Fay Da offers a wide selection of not only East Asian desserts, but also interesting takes on your classic birthday cake! Arifa Tasmiya 22 said she got a mango mousse cake for her birthday not too long ago. “The cake itself was very beautiful. It was orange on top with a cream colored mousse in between layers of vanilla cake, which was very light and creamy. The topmost layer was a chewy mango flavored gelatin based layer. The top was decorated with strawberries and blueberries.” This cake is pictured here. It’s the third cake from the left on the top row.

Stopping to Smell the Roses: Profiles of New York City Bakeries

Arianne Browne, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

Living life at 100 miles an hour takes away from the beautiful little moments that make it so wonderful. As many of us at Bronx Science know, this city never sleeps, and neither do we, so it can feel truly...

Pictured is the Model UN Board as they prepare to host SCIMUNC in December 2021. “Model UN isn’t just about giving speeches; it’s about giving the next generation a voice, and it’s a voice they can use in debate or just talking with their friends. I think that’s the most important part,” said Omar Darwish ’22, the Secretary General of SciMUN.

The Inner Workings of Bronx Science’s Model United Nations

Helen Stone, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

After a year of online learning during the 2020-2021 academic year, Bronx Science’s Model UN team has seen overwhelming success during the 2021-2022 in-person season. In addition to hosting their own...

Here is a screen-shot of the skill tree for food, in the English to French version of Duolingo, an app that many students are using for language building skills.

The Duolingo App: Language Learning in the Modern Era

Tzvi Kalb, Staff Reporter April 23, 2022

Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker founded the app Duolingo in 2011. Originally, the creators wanted to monetize the app by selling student translation services to companies, but they eventually  decided...

One of our most popular meetings was a creative session where we brought supplies to create posters for the club. This one was made by Cristine An 22. To see more of their art, check out their Instagram @akunshi.

New Days of The GSA

Saamiya Ahmed, Staff Reporter April 23, 2022

“Okay guys simmer down! Name, pronouns, and…chocolate milk or hot chocolate?” Every week, the Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club starts off with introductions — even if it usually is the same...

Print out this crossword box so that you can fill in the answers.

April 2022 Crossword: Women in STEM Theme

Maggie Schneider, Staff Reporter April 18, 2022

To complete the crossword at home, simply click on the crossword box, print it out, and fill in the boxes using the clues below! Across: 2. Starlet who helped invent the technology used in WiFi and...

Andrew Edelmann ’22 (winner, on right) and Nava Litt 25 (runner up, on left), winners of the 2022 English Speaking Union’s Thirty-Ninth Annual Shakespeare Competition for Bronx Science. Edelman went on to win 3rd Place at the English Speaking Unions New York City Branch Competition. 

A Profile of the 2022 Bronx Science Shakespeare Competition

Otho Valentino Sella, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

On Thursday, January 27th, 2022, a group of young thespians competed in Bronx Science’s annual Shakespeare competition. Students who are passionate about the late 16th-century/early 17th century playwright...

Here is a case in the Holocaust Museum of postcards and letters from the World War II era.

An Exploration of the Bronx Science Holocaust Museum

Kate Hankin, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

According to the American Jewish Committee, one in four American Jewish individuals said that they have faced Antisemitism in the last twelve months. Antisemitism  — defined by the Meriam Webster...

Pictured left to right are Raffi Chirinian ‘22, James Zhou ‘22, and Mr. Garritano. Students work together to solve a question on annuities.

Virtual Gains and Losses: A Stock Market Competition in Bronx Science’s Financial Actuarial Mathematics Class

Jason Dai, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

Managing money is something that is easily overlooked in its importance to our daily lives. When it comes to understanding how to properly manage and invest in money, trouble arises for those with limited...

Here is a spread from the bullet journal of Mysha Rahman ’23, detailing the week’s to-do list.

How to Bullet for Beginners: A Profile on the Bullet Journaling Club

Olivia Wronski, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

Flowing script decorates pages of a journal and bright complimentary colors frame the 'to-do list' of a week. The pages are impeccably organized, each day separated into a seamless section of colored ink...

Pictured here are the Student Diversity Committee members during their organized summer picnic.

The Latest Updates on the Bronx Science Student Diversity Committee

Dhriti Mamtora, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

Diana Campbell ’22, Mamadou Barry ’22, Kael Carcamo ’23, and Eldisa Rosario ’22 started the Student Diversity Committee (SDC) at Bronx Science in June 2020 in order to support the black community...

Some of the Editors-in-Chief of the 2021-2022 ‘The Science Survey’ collaborate during a Zoom meeting after school. Pictured from left to right, top to bottom, are Declan Hilfers ’22, Maggie Schneider ’22, Saam Ahmed ’22, Victoria Diaz ’22, Jillian Chong ’22 and Cadence Chen ’22 (Not pictured: Melanie Lin ’22).

March 2022 Advice Column

Hi Bronx Science! We, the Editors-in-Chief, want to congratulate everyone, especially our 9th and 10th graders, for finishing the first semester plus a month! It hasn’t been an easy one, given the...

“I think a certain responsibility falls upon account administrators, those who submit content, and even us as viewers to be more considerate when interacting with these accounts,” said Ulises Ponce ’23.

The Rise of Community Pages at Bronx Science

Victoria Diaz, Staff Reporter March 6, 2022

From sleeping accounts to outfit pages, students from schools all around the country have created social media accounts in order to highlight the non-academic behaviors of their respective student bodies....

Learning about the legal field is really important, I think, especially now, because its important to address the progress or even the lack of progress we made over the years. It really shows how law affects everyone and doesnt just exist in a courtroom, said Ava Conner 24. (Pictured from left to right: Ms. Erika Rubio, Saziea Biva 24, Esther Gelman 24, Ava Conner 24, and Marina Gallo 24)

Legal Society: A Profile of Bronx Science’s Law Club

Ayshi Sen, Staff Reporter March 6, 2022

As I made my way through the club fair, I saw dozens of signs advertising different clubs.  One was for 'Pre-Medical Society,' another for 'Journal of Medicine,' and yet another for 'Youth in Dentistry.'  It...

Here, Wilma and BamBam enjoy a carrot. Carrots are high in sugar, so guinea pigs can only be fed carrots twice a day.

A Profile of Bronx Science’s Animal Squad

Tiffany Wang, Staff Reporter March 5, 2022

After students finish their classes, many go home and call it a day, but a few others decide to relieve their stress by taking care of animals. They attend an after school program called “Animal Squad.”...

Print out this crossword box so that you can fill in the answers.

March 2022 Crossword: Classic Bands Theme

Maggie Schneider, Staff Reporter March 3, 2022

To complete the crossword at home, simply click on the crossword box, print it out, and fill in the boxes using the clues below! Across 6. Jam band with a noted following of die-hard fans 9. R.E.M....

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