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Each year, around 725 seniors graduate from Bronx Science and go on to attend a wide variety of universities and pursue a myriad of different fields of study. Photo Credit: Joshua Hoehne / UnSplash

Decisions, Decisions: How Bronx Science Class of 2023 Graduated Seniors Chose the Colleges They Will Attend This Fall

Katrina Tablang, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

It is May 1, 2023 — an ordinary day for most, but a pivotal one for high school seniors across the country. Each year, National College Decisions Day, or Decision Day, falls on the first of May; it is...

The Maple Street Community Garden welcomed residents from all over the city on June 3rd, 2023 for activities and games.

A Labor of Love: The Maple Street Community Garden

Acadia Bost, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023
“It’s never been just a garden,” remarked Marc Schwartz.
Above are the Period 2 Editors in Chief and Copy Chiefs for The Science Survey. In the back row from left to right are Felicia Jennings-Brown ’23, Ethan Weinberg ’23, Sela Emery ’23, Katia Anastas ’23, and Nora Sissenich ’23. In the front row from left to right are Elizabeth Colon ’23, Monica Reilly ’24, Tiffany Wang ’24, Helen Stone ’23, and Katrina Tablang ’23.

Summer 2023 Advice Column: Using Time Off Productively and Tips on the College Process

Hello, Bronx Science! We, the Copy Chiefs, Managing Editors, and Editors-in-Chief of The Science Survey, are excited to present the Summer 2023 Advice Column, which will tackle lots of questions about...

“Activism is my rent for living on the planet, said the American novelist and activist Alice Walker. (Photo Credit: Matt Hrkac from Geelong / Melbourne, Australia, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Youth Activism: A Story of Perseverance and Passion

Ruby Moran, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

Passion drives action. Action catapults change. Without passion, action, and change, terrible circumstances will continue to worsen. Throughout history, it has been the youth who spearhead the fight for...

Try guessing where each photo is taken — except for the globe in the middle, of course. Check your answers below the crossword module!

Summer 2023 Crossword: Summer Travels Theme

Charlotte Zhou, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

    City Answers in Photo Caption: Bangkok, Thailand (top left) Ouarzazate, Morocco (top middle) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (top right) Malé, Maldives (middle left) Barcelona, Spain...

Even as the sun begins to set, the Queens Night Market is still only just ramping up to full swing for the night. The energy is electric, and the community seems to spring to life.

The Worlds Within a Market: Stories of the Queens Night Market

Sidney Lin, Staff Reporter July 21, 2023

You take a step forward, towards the ever-enticing smells wafting your way, and suddenly you’re on the northern coast of Jamaica. A few steps to the right, and you are amongst the grand mountains of...

Ms. Schmaier may teach government classes at Bronx Science from September to June, but she looks forward to summertime activities, too.

The Summer 2023 Plans of Bronx Science’s Faculty

Louisiana Stahl, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

The very first day of school marks the start of an age-old countdown: "Number of Days ‘til Summer Vacation." Now, with the school year over and three weeks into summer vacation, and with the weather...

Ella Smith will be attending college in Evanston, Illinois this fall. Upper Manhattan’s Fort Tryon Park (pictured here) is among the places she’ll miss in New York City, a site of many long walks, birthday parties, and childhood experiences.

The City That Raised Us: The Graduated Class of 2023 Reflects On Leaving New York City For College

Nora Sissenich, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

When I was applying to colleges, there was one thing I was sure about: I would not be applying to colleges in New York City. Though I love New York City, the prospect of spending the next four years in...

While leaving New York City for the summer can be exciting, there are so many opportunities for adventure in this great city that we call home! (Photo Credit: Fred Hsu on en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

New York City Adventures to Try This Summer

Kate Hankin, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

Phineas Flynn of the classic 2000s Disney animated series Phineas and Ferb once said, “There's a hundred and four days of summer vacation, 'til school comes along just to end it, so the annual problem...

This is an apartment building in Berlin with 1UP’s signature “One United Power” phrase painted onto one of the blank walls of the structure. (Photo Credit: Singlespeedfahrer, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons)

1UP: Unity Through Urban Artistry

Aaqib Gondal, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

The night creeps over all of Germany. The sun falls and the moon rises as the usual urban hustle and bustle comes to a close for the night. The train pulls into its final stops and sits dormant, as quiet...

Jewish activism and involvement with political life began in their exodus from Europe post World War II. (Photo Credit:

The American Way: How Jewish Activists Leveraged Their Position As the Country’s Most Consistent Voting Bloc

Griffin Weiss, Staff Reporter July 20, 2023

Every Friday, Bronx Science students meet the familiar faces of the Orthodox Jewish community that populate the cross street with tents, pamphlets, and occasionally baked goods for an upcoming Jewish holiday....

While it’s true that after we walked across the stage at graduation, many students will be going off on exciting adventures, like traveling around the world and becoming involved in academic pursuits, many will also take positions as camp counselors and lifeguards, and will pursue other work opportunities. (Photo Credit: Malaya Sadler / Unsplash)

Summer Plans for the Bronx Science Class of 2023

Camila Kulahlioglu July 20, 2023

Montage shots by the pool, aesthetic pictures — the summer after graduating is widely regarded as the “best summer of your life.” Yet unlike in the movies, the joys of graduating high school are countered by...

RM, BTSs appointed leader (and the first member to join the group), speaks at the 2017 Seoul Music Awards. (Photo Credit: Too Much, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

What Happens Now? The Beginning Of The Second Chapter Of BTS

Felicia Jennings-Brown, Staff Reporter July 19, 2023

Introduction Bangtan Soneyondan is a band whose name translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts. It is also, coincidentally, one of the most impressive musical acts of all time, by any and every metric. For...

The Catskill Aqueduct, whose construction is shown here, revolutionized the way that New Yorkers accessed their water. (Photo Credit: George Grantham Bain Collection, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

From Stream to Tap: The Inner Workings of the New York Water System

Allegra Lief, Staff Reporter July 19, 2023

Very few institutions have stood the test of time as well as the New York Water System. Although often undercut, it has consistently provided fresh water to over 9.5 million Americans for centuries; it...

Venture Labs allows students new ways in which they can discover their passions as well as become involved in their communities. (Photo Credit: Daria Nepriakhina / Unsplash)

Discovering Venture Labs

Isabel Goldfarb, Staff Reporter July 19, 2023

For many high school students in the United States, summer means taking a break, whether it is done through relaxing, working in retail to make a few extra bucks, or by spending time outdoors. While this...

While it really stinks when you get one of the angels you didn’t really want to get, the feeling of pulling one you DID want is amazing,” said Ulises Ponce 23.
(Photo by Ulises Ponce)

Sonny Angels Take Over Bronx Science

Kristen Li, Staff Reporter July 19, 2023

Sonny Angels have been trending across social media platforms, but what are they?  Sonny Angels are collectible figurines that wear different headgear and have angel wings on their back. Sonny Angel...

Sharon Kim 25 and Ray Rivera 25 are seen in their matching sweat pants and extra soft lined H&M hoodies.

Summer 2023 Fashion at Bronx Science

Nora Gupta, Staff Reporter July 19, 2023

Bronx Science fashion thrives off of students' heavily influencing one another in our tight knit community. Students often wear a classic sets of pajamas stained with coffee or a Celsius energy drink,...

 The Bronx Science Key Club is a community of students that bond over fascinating service projects throughout New York City.

A Community Full of Opportunities: A Profile of Bronx Science’s Key Club

Isha Ray , Staff Reporter July 19, 2023

Have you ever heard of Key Club? No, it is not a club about keys but, instead, a community. The Bronx High School of Science's Key Club is a large group of students who volunteer and help others by participating...

Here is the author looking fabulous while drinking bubble tea.

The Bubble Tea of Manhattan

Sophia Markens, Staff Reporter June 6, 2023

Have you ever had the urge to dip a treat into your drink? Most of us have probably tried dipping a french fry into a milkshake, and it's common practice to dunk one's cookie into a nice glass of milk....

The Housing Works bookshop’s physical space is stunning, and it helps to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who passes through.

New York City Turns a Page: The Plight of Our Small Bookstores

Ayana Chari, Staff Reporter June 6, 2023

I’m shivering from the bone-chilling cold of a rainy Manhattan day, yet warmth spreads from within me as the door to Mercer Street Books & Records shuts behind me, a small bell ringing faintly...

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