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Here, the Managing Editors, Copy Chiefs, and Editors-in-Chief of ‘The Science Survey,’ the writers of the April 2024 Advice Column, pose for a photo. From left to right are Anna Koontz ’25, Isabel Goldfarb ’25, Lily Zufall ’24, Maliha Chowdhury ’24,Claire Elkin ’25, Yasmine Salha ’24, Pritika Patel ’24, Ayshi Sen ’24, Ayana Chari ’24, and Dara King ’25.

April 2024 Advice Column: Navigating College Concerns, Senior Schedules, Summer Internships, and more!

Hello, Bronx Science! We, the Managing Editors, Copy Chiefs, and Editors-in-Chief of The Science Survey, remember navigating the college process last year and understand how confusing it can be. As...

The front display at Alices Tea Cup enchants customers with jars of plate-sized cookies and a variety of scones.

Sweet Sensations: An Exploration of New York City Desserts

Katelyn Chiao, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

From its glistening skyscrapers, bustling streets, and architectural marvels, to the dazzling lights of Times Square, every inch of New York pulses with unparalleled energy. Amongst the tapestry of vibrant...

In this photo, a huge 1965 Cadillac Eldorado parks on the street like any other car. Up close, the car looks far too nice to be parked outdoors.

The Flourishing New York City Car Scene

Alistair Blee, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

Walking around New York City, the typical sedans and crossovers overwhelm the streets, but once in a while you might spot one of the more interesting cars driving by. Parking in New York City is hard...

From left to right are Bronx Science students Sinan Roumie 24, Umme Anushka 24, Jazmine Pawar 24, and me, Saldon Tenzin 24, outside of our first stop on the food crawl, Dera Restaurant. (Photo provided by Saldon Tenzin)

Hidden Cultural Restaurants Around New York City

Saldon Tenzin, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

New York City, nicknamed 'The Big Apple,' is famous for its extensively high skyscrapers, colorful Broadway shows, the MET Gala steps, and thousands of concerts held at Madison Square Garden. Tourists...

Here is Marie Curie, the trailblazing Nobel laureate in physics and chemistry, captured in a moment of scientific contemplation. She will forever illuminate the path for women in STEM. (Photo Credit: Henri Manuel, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

The Untold Stories of Women in Science Whose Brilliance Went Unseen

Anayah Hogue, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

Beyond the celebrated narratives of familiar male figures, a great level of brilliance lies hidden within the minds of countless women — pioneers who navigated through countless systemic biases and societal...

Here, the Managing Editors, Copy Chiefs, and Editors-in-Chief of ‘The Science Survey,’ the writers of the March 2024 Advice Column, pose for a photo. From left to right are Acadia Bost ’24, Hallel Abrams Gerber ’24, Nehla Chowdhury ’24, Charlotte Zhou ’24, Eilidh Kristen Ince ’24, Ruby Moran ’24, Ella Zheng ’24, Bianca Quddus ’25,  Aviv Kotok ’25, and Monica Reilly ’24. Photo Credit: Alexander Thorp

March 2024 Advice Column: How to Successfully Manage the ‘Schoolwork / Life Balance’

Hello, Bronx Science! We, the Copy Chiefs, Managing Editors, and Editors-in-Chief of The Science Survey understand how stressful this time of year is for everyone. As such, we’re excited to share...

Acting is a dynamic art form that changes with the times. Within this landscape, the age-old technique of method acting remains a topic of debate among actors, with many questioning its extremity and its relevance in today’s entertainment world. (Photo Credit: Avel Chuklanovon / Unsplash)

The Method of Becoming a Character

Ashley Chen, Staff Reporter March 12, 2024

You are what you act. In the realm of film, stepping into a character’s shoes is so much more than that superficial allure and elegance you often see. Many actors – in the pursuit of delivering the...

Celebrating Indian Independence Day in August, students came together outside to commemorate the auspicious day.  (Photo used by permission of the Prayatna Orginization)

The Prayatna Foundation in Pune, India: Transforming Lives Through Education

Ila Misra, Staff Reporter March 6, 2024

In the heart of Pune, India, where the hustle and bustle of city life intertwines with the cultural richness of the region, there exists a beacon of hope and change – the Prayatna Foundation. This non-profit...

Democracy Camp is a YVote-led program which aims to allow civically engaged students an opportunity to research and explore solutions to issues affecting their communities. Democracy Camp aims to help restore faith in American democracy by allowing students to explore the various ways they can make a positive impact in their communities. (Photo credit: Provided by @yvoteny on Instagram)

The Future of America is Brighter Than You Think: How YVote Is Helping Students Effective Address Issues in Their Communities

Maheen Alam, Staff Reporter March 5, 2024

The United States is often considered an imperial power of the world, and for good reason. The U.S. is an economic powerhouse, with the world’s largest economy and a GDP of over $25 trillion. We have...

Here is an oil portrait of Mary Wollstonecraft, painted around 1790-1791 by John Opie. (Image Credit: John Opie, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Commemorating the Wollstonecraft Women; Pioneers in Philosophy, Literature, and Women’s Rights

Samantha Nair, Staff Reporter March 4, 2024

Mary Wollstonecraft was a feminist, an activist, a philosopher, a mother, and an inspiration for scholars to come. Unfortunately, a story ever too common occurred to her, as it has many formidable women...

My parents were awed walking through a corridor filled with hanging lights at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Affordable Outings in New York City This Winter

Acadia Bost, Staff Reporter February 10, 2024

As the season draws to a close, many of us are looking to make the most out of the last month of winter. In New York City, however, that can end up costing a lot. If you’re wincing at the price tags...

Mr. Gonzowitz said that when he started teaching nineteen years ago (at another school, before he came to Bronx Science), “I just lectured the entire period. There was very little give and take. Now, I lean out, and I facilitate more. At times, I will lecture, but now it is mostly to provide color.”

Uncovering the Secrets of Engaging Classrooms at Bronx Science

Georgie Barth, Staff Reporter January 26, 2024

Bronx Science is filled with future scientists (maybe even some future Nobel laureates), lawyers, bankers, social justice activists, businesspeople, and an infinite number of others destined for impactful...

Helen Thomas, the first female member of the White House press corps is enjoying a moment of levity with President Lyndon B. Johnson and his grandson in the Oval Office in 1968. Thomas was a pioneer for women in her field and worked under the administrations of ten U.S. presidents. (Photo Credit: LBJ Library photo by Yoichi Okamoto, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

A Brief History of Journalism: From Hieroglyphic Inscriptions to Bits and Bytes

Nora Torok, Staff Reporter January 26, 2024

In today's bustling digital age, journalism has become more dynamic and influential in our world than ever before. From the early days of metal inscriptions to the current spread of fake news on social...

Yasmine Salha 24 collected these porcelain sheep because they reminded her of her grandmothers house. She shared this experience with her mother, making it all the more special.

Tchotchkes: Priceless Collections or Useless Junk?

Ayana Chari, Staff Reporter January 26, 2024

The ‘skeletons’ in my closet are not shameful objects that I need to hide. Rather, they are items that I have collected throughout my life that carry enough meaning that I hold onto them. Many of my...

Above are the Period 2 Editors-in-Chief, Copy Chiefs, and Advisory Editors for ‘The Science Survey.’ In the back row from left to right are Griffin Weiss ’24, Aaqib Gondal ’24, Oliver Whelan ’24, Nicholas Anderson ’25, Kate Hankin ’24. In the front row from left to right are Jacey Mok ’24, Sophia Markens ’24, Katherine Han ’24, Liza Greenberg ’25, and Lara Adamjee ’25.

January 2024 Advice Column: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Hello, Bronx Science! The Copy Chiefs, Managing Editors, and Editors-in-Chief of The Science Survey, are excited to present the January 2024 Advice Column, which answers your questions about growing...

Here, members of the FeMaidens pose for a picture during Bronx Sciences Open House for prospective students in October 2023.

The Fe (Iron) Maidens of Bronx Science: What Have They Been Up To?

Katelyn Chiao, Staff Reporter January 26, 2024

With their bright purple and green flannel pants, keychains, hoodies, and zip-ups, the FeMaidens, Bronx Science's all-girls Robotics team, have become a staple of Bronx Science culture. Their story began...

A study done on a national scale concluded that 72.7% of high school students do not get enough sleep during school nights. ( (Photo Credit: Yudhistira Alloni / Unsplash)

The Gift of Being ‘Gifted’

Madison Kang, Staff Reporter January 25, 2024

“Achievement” has long been a measure of perceived intelligence for students. Doing laudatory work is the standard. Being “gifted” or an “overachiever” has always been seen as inherently positive,...

Dynamo literary magazine meetings are held every Wednesday in Room 207 at Bronx Science.

Students With Artistic Interests at Bronx Science

Vanessa Encarnacion, Staff Reporter January 24, 2024

At a school whose name ‘The Bronx High School of Science,’ it is no surprise that the school has a rich variety of STEM related classes and extracurricular activities.  However, given the size...

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