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Sirajum Munira, Staff Reporter

Sirajum Munira is a Staff Reporter and Editorial Section Editor for ‘The Science Survey.’ The most appealing aspect of writing journalistic pieces is communicating information in a compelling manner that is both important and intriguing to her and her audience. Sirajum loves to write about Arts and Entertainment, finding that when she experiences the act of watching a film or reading a book, she can formulate a more well-rounded journalistic article. She also shares a delight in writing Editorial pieces, a challenging genre of journalism that invites the opinion of the writer and a balance of neutrality. Daily happenings, locally, nationally, and globally, interest her; Sirajum keeps up with current events, reading The New York Times occasionally throughout the week. Taking photographs is an essential part of journalism, since pictures are necessary to give more substance to the article that is being written. At the moment, Sirajum is working on her photography skills, hoping to produce photos of higher quality. When she is not at school, Sirajum indulges in her love of reading, particularly memoirs and poetry. Her musical preferences are all over the place; but, she mainly tunes into Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and Lana Del Rey’s music. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. Eventually, Sirajum hopes to pursue a career in Communications and Marketing, but will continue to embrace her passion for journalism. Despite the way her future may look, the main goal that Sirajum aims to achieve is to be content in what she does and possess no regrets.

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Sirajum Munira