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Kimberly Camara wears her heart on her sleeve, sharing personal and often vulnerable stories to connect with others through culture and cuisine.

Meet Kimberly Camara, One of the ‘Kreators’ of the Bakery Kora

Jaymie Paredes, Staff Reporter March 21, 2021

From fan-favorite ube donuts to their latest leche flan, Kimberly Camara and Kevin Borja capture the taste of home for many Filipino New Yorkers. Inspired by the recipes from Camara’s grandmother, Lola...

This photo was taken on January 25th, 2021 at 4:17 p.m.; it is similar to what I saw from my bedroom window in Bayside, Queens on January 11th, 2021 at 3:13 p.m. The slated, gabled rooftops complement a muted blue sky.

Spontaneity in Neighborhood Walks: A Winter’s Tale

Cadence Chen, Staff Reporter March 20, 2021

Monday, January 11th, 2021, 3:12 p.m., 32°F My shadowed room refused visibility. I had just gotten out of eight back-to-back periods of synchronous learning while running on three hours of sleep, lavender...

Yuzuru Hanyu’s 'Let Me Entertain You' program was held at the Japanese Nationals. Here is an artistic rendering of the moment.

Japanese Olympic Figure-Skater Yuzuru Hanyu and His Rise to Fame

Nicole Zhou, Staff Reporter March 19, 2021

At twenty-six years old, Yuzuru Hanyu’s accomplishments are nothing short of impressive. Having won two Olympic medals at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games at age 19, only to defend his title by winning...

Allie Smithie '22 often takes poetic inspiration from nature, in particular from the British countryside where she spent her childhood.

The Style of a Poet: An Expose of the Poetry of Allie Smithie ’22

Ellora Klein, Staff Reporter March 18, 2021

I will love you when you are calcified, just as I loved you in your youth For your viscera will remain as soft As the day of your birth. While I can’t speak for other readers, I found this excerpt...

Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith ensures the public that the Biden Administration is focused on carrying out an equitable Coronavirus pandemic response and recovery efforts, as well as protecting the safety and health of all communities — especially those most affected by or at risk for COVID-19.

Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith: A Catalyst in the Healthcare Reform Movement

Kaitlyn Chan, Staff Reporter March 18, 2021

Last May 2020, a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine discovered that African-Americans were over three times more likely to die from COVID-19 than Caucasian Americans. That same...

Pictured here is Al-Yami playing in the tournament MLG Anaheim 2014 against Johnny 'S2J' Kim.

Hand Injuries Followed By Renewed Dedication: A Profile of Esports Icon Aziz ‘Hax’ Al-Yami ’12

Tzvi Kalb, Staff Reporter March 18, 2021

Aziz 'Hax' Al-Yami '12 is an esports icon, famous for his incredible technical skill at Super Smash Bros. Melee. The 26-year-old has also created and now sells his customized controller, the B0XX, as an...

This is an image of the city of Los Angeles, where Architectural Digest was first started as a small local magazine. When Paige Rense joined its staff in 1970, she took it from a small Los Angeles startup to a world renowned publication.

The Inspirational Life of Paige Rense, Former Editor-in-Chief of ‘Architectural Digest’

Alexandra Zwiebel, Staff Reporter March 18, 2021

Recognized as “the archduchess of decorating,” Paige Rense’s journey from a high school dropout to a world renowned magazine editor is unique and inspirational. Many people were saddened by her sudden...

Bean & Bean has been a favorite spot for many students looking for a place to work and drink coffee. “Bean & Bean has an environment that is easy in which to study, and the workers are very nice and helpful,” said Kyle Chen ’21. Now, the coffee that customers love is available for purchase online and in person at one of their stores.

More Than a Cup of Coffee: ‘Bean & Bean’

Samantha Cavusoglu, Staff Reporter March 18, 2021

During my years as a Bronx Science student, I have become accustomed to spending long periods of time in coffee shops, doing a good portion of my studying with a large caffeinated beverage and light music...

“I normally draw inspiration from my own experiences when I write my lyrics, but sometimes I’ll write a song based on my perception of a certain concept, even if it isn’t something I’ve directly experienced,” said Sak, regarding the creation of her lyrics.

A Star is Born: Byul Sak ’21

Samama Moontaha, Staff Reporter January 12, 2021

Our future relies on the innovation, creativity, and dedication of our youth, whose perceptions and priorities continue to evolve. If there is one thing we can concretely pick up on, it is that the arts,...

Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on the front cover of 'TIME magazine' in 2020, after he was placed on their list, 'The 100 Most Influential People,' for his leadership in the pandemic-era world.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Beyond the Limits of Science

Ryan Ahmed, Staff Reporter January 12, 2021

When we envision a hero, we might come across the narrative of the mighty Saint George or the righteous Sir William Marshal, venturing across their land, dressed in shining plated armor on a stallion,...

Biden has rallied an abundance of support due to many Anti-Trump sentiments. (Credit: Gayatri Malhotra)

Joe Biden’s Promise to America: His Past, Present, and Future

Donna Celentano, Staff Reporter January 11, 2021

The election has left us with an eventful conclusion to 2020, but there is still more to come. Many are ecstatic with the outcome of the election, expressing this excitement through mass celebrations in...

Jennifer Kim '21 is the one behind the making of Jenn’s Jewels' stunning jewelry. Kim has been into jewelry and fashion for a long time, and she views it as a means of self expression.

How the ‘Back of the Closet’ Beads and Wires Became Jenn’s Jewels: A Profile of Jennifer Kim ’21

Ellen Wu, Staff Reporter January 11, 2021

Imagine that you are looking into the mirror, inspecting every part of your outfit. Something seems missing. It is not until you add a necklace or two and put on a pair of earrings that you feel that your...

Here is the lake outside the house of Abir Hossain's grandfather.

A Conversation at the End of Time With Abir Hossain ’21

Fahim Zaman, Staff Reporter January 11, 2021

Our pilgrimage had cost us our diurnal existence. Our five mile walk used up the daylight, and now it was impossible to say — it could have been night. The scintillating stars and solemn moon were supposedly...

The Lorenz Attractor is extremely sensitive to initial conditions. A negligible change in the starting point of one of its orbiting particles will change its trajectory entirely, but each set of initial conditions generates only one unique graph. This illustrates the apparent paradox that the universe can be both deterministic and wildly unpredictable.

Peter Turchin: The Magnetism of Mathematical History

Enza Jonas-Giugni, Staff Reporter January 11, 2021

The chaos of 2020 launched Peter Turchin from relative obscurity into the spotlight. In 2010, Turchin made the startling prediction that “the next decade is likely to be a period of growing instability...

'Houzz of Gemini,' co-founded by Genesis Sanchez ’23, sells hair care products and other beauty goods, including lip glosses and soaps.

Student Entrepreneurship During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Victoria Diaz, Staff Reporter January 10, 2021

Many Bronx Science students have been seeking out different opportunities and hobbies to participate in during the Coronavirus pandemic. Now that New York City high schools have shifted to all remote learning...

“[Henry Hudson Monument has] a fluted Doric column standing upon a cubical plinth relieved with appropriate moldings. Not only is it one of the known landmarks in New York City, but it is probably the most impressive memorial to Hudson anywhere,” wrote Reverend William A. Tieck in the book 'Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Spuyten Duyvil.'

The Henry Hudson Monument: An Underappreciated Gem

Tzvi Kalb, Staff Reporter January 10, 2021

 Up in the northwest Bronx, on the incline of a hill, sits Henry Hudson Park. It is a lovely place, with beautiful trees and many benches on which to sit. However, the real attraction is at the front,...

Google honors Trebek by prompting “Who is: Alex Trebek,

Who is: Alex Trebek

Julia Sperling, Staff Reporter January 5, 2021

November 8th, 2020 was a sad day for Jeopardy! fans. The year 2020 brought yet another devastating event — the passing of Alex Trebek, longstanding Jeopardy! host and TV personality. He was 80 years...

Jane Chen ’21 was one of 6,885 QuestBridge Finalists this year, and one of 1,464 Finalists who matched to a college through the National College Match, one of the most prestigious scholarships in the country. Matching to Yale, Chen said, “I came into the process thinking I wouldn’t get matched because of how competitive the scholarship was, so I was quite surprised when I did match with my top choice. I am so incredibly grateful and lucky to have this opportunity, and I cannot wait to meet my future classmates and professors,” said Chen.

Meet the 2020 QuestBridge Finalists of Bronx Science

Caleb Yam, Staff Reporter January 5, 2021

On Tuesday, October 21st, 2020, exactly 6,885 high school seniors were declared to be QuestBridge Finalists, out of over 18,500 applicants, for the highly competitive Questbridge National College Match....

Shaira Jafar ‘21 poses in her hand-knitted JW cardigan, mimicking the pose from the Today Show Rehearsal that popularized it.

Harry Styles, First Man on the Cover of Vogue

Lucy Del Deo, Staff Reporter January 4, 2021

For someone whose career started in the early 2010s with boyband One Direction, Harry Styles is certainly an anomaly. He rose to fame when flower crowns and flannel shirts were popular, and became one...

Buying and decorating a real tree is  my favorite Christmas tradition. Here, my little sister places the star, the cherry on top, on top of the tree, after we have finished hanging all of the other ornaments on it.

There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Montana Lee, Staff Reporter December 23, 2020

It’s December 2019. You walk through the bustling Bronx Science hallways before class, and the speakers play “All I Want for Christmas Is You”; vibrant paper and glittering decorations adorn lockers;...

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