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This is my grandmothers Engineering Certificate, which she earned, allowing her to become an engineer.

My Grandmother and the Chinese Cultural Revolution

Rose Marabello, Staff Reporter December 2, 2021

When my grandmother first moved to the United States, I was around four, and far too young to grasp what China was, let alone the Chinese Cultural Revolution. All I knew of my grandmother was that she...

The line outside of the Hungarian Pastry Shop spans to the end of the block (on a slow day).

A Brief History of the Hungarian Pastry Shop

Ellora Klein, Staff Reporter December 2, 2021

In New York City, the 1960s was an age of new beginnings. Immigration brought waves of new city-dwellers, an ongoing fight for societal change brought protesters onto the streets, and technological innovations...

A worker at the Budapest Cafe, an Austro-Hungarian bakery, serves pastries like Sachertorte and strudel.

Yorkville’s History

Alexandra Smithie, Staff Reporter December 2, 2021
As the neighborhood loses more and more of its character, and increasingly fewer people have a traditional European upbringing, these businesses become less in touch with their history, making it difficult to find real Old World culture in New York. It’s a vicious cycle. 
Taj Wolfgang Jethwani-Keyser ’23 advises students at Bronx Science to pursue their passions and to take advantage of the many opportunities at Bronx Science. “I highly recommend that you try to do as much after school as possible, either in clubs or just hanging out with friends. Yes it makes it harder to get all your work done, but the experience is so much more enjoyable.”

The Wondrous World of Wolfie: A Profile of Taj Wolfgang Jethwani-Keyser ’23

Shahabir Sami, Staff Reporter December 2, 2021

Gaining acceptance to this institution known as Bronx Science was, to many, the basis of triumph for that first day of school, which was laden with emotions. But, for others such as Taj Wolfgang Jethwani-Keyser...

Ms. Latisha Coombs, Bronx Science Biology teacher, when asked if shes writing an autobiography, replied, A story about my life? It’d be a best seller. (Laughs) Let me tell you.

Life Outside the Box With Ms. Latisha Coombs

Acadia Bost, Staff Reporter December 2, 2021

I think it’s hard for some people to think about mixing science and art. They seem so separate, but in reality, they are not. It’s the same for personal and professional lives -- it’s difficult to...

Afran Ahmed ’22 (right) and Soree Park ’22 (left) set up for Bronxtoberfest, the first event organized by this year’s Senior Council. When describing her experience working with Ahmed, Park said, “We’re always in sync. We always share the same opinions about everything which makes hanging out with him super fun.”

Get to Know Afran Ahmed ’22, This Year’s Senior Council President

Jillian Chong, Staff Reporter December 2, 2021

Seniors who do not personally know Afran Ahmed ’22 probably recognize him as this year’s Senior Council President. Tasked with creating fun events for the senior class, Ahmed carries this monumental...

Perez is most known for Seis Puntos Sobre Emma, which premiered in New York City in 2011.

Acclaimed Spanish Director Roberto Pérez Toledo Visits Bronx Science’s Spanish Film and Narrative Class Via Zoom

Ben Raab, Staff Reporter November 23, 2021

Roberto Pérez Toledo, a well-known Spanish filmmaker, paid a virtual Zoom visit to Bronx Science’s Spanish Film and Narrative class last month. Calling in from Lanzarote, Spain, he was invited by Señor...

“I believe that my voice has power, and that all of our individual voices and stories are powerful within our collective community as Asian Americans, Alice Tsui said.

Alice Tsui: A Teacher, Activist, and Leader in the #StopAsianHate Movement

Kaitlyn Chan, Staff Reporter June 22, 2021

On May 2nd, 2021, two Asian women were attacked while walking down the streets of Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. One was hit on the head by a hammer and rushed to the hospital in severe condition. Across...

Here is Nikki S. Lees
The Seniors Project (10), from 1999.

The Project Series: A Profile on Artist Nikki Lee

Ashley Lim, Staff Reporter June 22, 2021

In any social environment, people belong to subcultures. This is especially true in a diverse and highly populated area like New York City, where there are hundreds of groups with which one could identify....

A finalist in the New York State 2020 Miss Teen USA pageant, Zoya Garg 21 said, “I  had never in my life done anything even remotely close to a pageant. I am used to being on display in different ways with sports. In golf, you’re on your own, except when you miss shots, which is seen by the public. Flag football is the same way -- if you miss a catch, everyone sees it. But I had never done something that was solely about how I spoke and how I presented myself. I feel that I learned so much from the experience,” Garg said.

Meet Our Senior Council President Zoya Garg ’21

Margaux Reyl, Staff Reporter June 22, 2021

Zoya Garg ’21 is exceptional. Senior Council president, captain of both the Girls' Varsity Flag Football and Girls' Varsity Golf teams, and President of our school’s Latin Club, Garg has deeply involved...

A portrait of Franz Kafka, taken in 1923 by an unknown photographer.

The Life and Times of Franz Kafka

Otho Valentino Sella, Staff Reporter June 22, 2021

“Genius is never understood in its own time.” is perhaps the most famous quote from Bill Watterson’s legendary comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Despite its origins in a comedic medium, the quote managed...

During the Coronavirus pandemic, one of influencer Sarah Roh’s favorite places to take pictures was in parking lots, as they are often empty and allow for easy social distancing.

Sarah Roh: An Influencer in Front of the Camera, But a Normal Teenager Behind the Camera

Darlene Park, Staff Reporter June 22, 2021

Due to boredom with quarantine during the Coronavirus pandemic, social media influencer Sarah Roh remade her old cheer shirt into a dress, and that was the beginning of her spotlight. Reaching over fifty...

Dawn Porter ’84, a filmmaker and founder of the production company Trilogy Films, will address the Class of 2021 on the first occasion that the graduating class will be together in a single location since March of 2020, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Documentarian Dawn Porter ’84 Delivers the Keynote Address for the Bronx Science Class of 2021 Commencement Ceremony

Jamie Lee Nicolas, Staff Reporter June 21, 2021

Lauded filmmaker Dawn Porter ’84, known for documentaries such as John Lewis: Good Trouble (2020) and The Me You Can’t See (2021), delivered the Keynote Address to Bronx Science’s graduating Class...

Pictured are Valedictorian Ayanava Ganguly 21 (left) and Salutatorian Enza Jonas-Giugni 21 (right).

Ayanava Ganguly and Enza Jonas-Giugni Named Valedictorian and Salutatorian of the Class of 2021

Julia Sperling, Staff Reporter June 16, 2021

On Thursday, June 24th, 2021, the Class of 2021 graduated at the world-famous Arthur Ashe Stadium with friends and family joining them in-person or online via livestream. Ayanava Ganguly ’21 and Enza...

Gruson stands next to BigBelly waste and recycling units. Although recycling is useful, recyclable does not mean impact-less, he warns, as is still a form of disposal. Consuming less and repairing are better alternatives — thats why reduce and reuse come before recycle in the three Rs.

Andreas Gruson ’87: A Fascinating Career in Sustainability

Montana Lee, Staff Reporter June 16, 2021

'Matter is neither created nor destroyed' states the Law of Conservation of Mass. It simply changes form. Instead of sending matter to rot in landfills, Andreas Gruson ’87 diverts it to a better use...

One of the busiest intersections in Harlem is the one at Lenox Avenue and Malcom X Boulevard.

The Story of Harlem

Carolyn Chui, Staff Reporter June 16, 2021

New York City neighborhoods have different reputations: the Upper East side is wealthy, Times Square is full of tourists, and Greenwich Village is very liberal. Harlem’s reputation is more nuanced. Recently,...

Here is a photograph of Youn Yuh-Jung, taken at the 2016 Women In Film Korea Festival.

A Profile of Youn Yuh-jung, a South Korean Actress

Chris Yang, Staff Reporter June 15, 2021

Sprouting in abundance in the summer months of temperate regions in East Asia, minari is an edible plant with a very distinct, bitter, herbal taste. It is often served in traditional Korean dishes such...

A post of Nikki Palumbo on Instagram — an app that she uses to post career milestones and the ups and downs of her life. “One of my New Year’s resolutions was to live more authentically, to share things, and feel more aligned with the people in my life, so I have been trying to use a less polished version of Instagram. I’ve posted about a mental breakdown last year or bouts of depression and those, ironically, are the posts that get the most engagement — that’s the human aspect that’s usually missing from social media,” Palumbo explained.

So You Want to Be a Comedian? A Profile of Nikki Palumbo

Paromita Talukder, Staff Reporter June 14, 2021

It all started back in eighth grade social studies class, when the students were slugging through vocabulary practice. The teacher called on Nikki Palumbo, asking about the word ‘emigrate.’ Palumbo...

The simple exterior of Absolute Bagels nestled between a hair salon and a supermarket is no indicator of the magic that happens inside. Made fresh everyday, their bagels are the epitome of New York.

California Bagels? New York Begs to Differ

Helen Stone, Staff Reporter June 7, 2021

New York is famous for many things that attract millions of tourists every year; think of skyscrapers, cheesecake, museums, the hustle and bustle of the subway. But if there is one thing that signifies...

Kew and Willow is one of the only independent bookstores located in Queens.

The Willow in Kew Gardens: A Mutual Relationship

Lavanya Manickam, Staff Reporter May 3, 2021

I spent this past Christmas Eve 2020 like all of the others, finding the perfect last-minute gift for my loved ones. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most of my family’s shopping for one another had...

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