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A Star is Born: Byul Sak ’21

“I normally draw inspiration from my own experiences when I write my lyrics, but sometimes I’ll write a song based on my perception of a certain concept, even if it isn’t something I’ve directly experienced,” said Sak, regarding the creation of her lyrics.
Samama Moontaha, Staff Reporter January 12, 2021

The Henry Hudson Monument: An Underappreciated Gem

“[Henry Hudson Monument has] a fluted Doric column standing upon a cubical plinth relieved with appropriate moldings. Not only is it one of the known landmarks in New York City, but it is probably the most impressive memorial to Hudson anywhere,” wrote Reverend William A. Tieck in the book 'Riverdale, Kingsbridge, Spuyten Duyvil.'
Tzvi Kalb, Staff Reporter January 10, 2021

Who is: Alex Trebek

Google honors Trebek by prompting “Who is: Alex Trebek,
Julia Sperling, Staff Reporter January 5, 2021

Harry Styles, First Man on the Cover of Vogue

Shaira Jafar ‘21 poses in her hand-knitted JW cardigan, mimicking the pose from the Today Show Rehearsal that popularized it.
Lucy Del Deo, Staff Reporter January 4, 2021

There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Buying and decorating a real tree is  my favorite Christmas tradition. Here, my little sister places the star, the cherry on top, on top of the tree, after we have finished hanging all of the other ornaments on it.
Montana Lee, Staff Reporter December 23, 2020

Chadwick Boseman: A Real Life Superhero

'Black Panther,' starring Chadwick Boseman, was a worldwide sensation and is now the third-highest-grossing film in North America of all time.
Lavanya Manickam, Staff Reporter November 19, 2020

No, We Can’t Go To the Lighthouse

Pictured here are Virginia Woolf's novels, 'To the Lighthouse' and 'Orlando,' the latter of which explores a nobleman who lives for 300 years as both a man and woman.
Maggie Schneider, Staff Reporter November 12, 2020

What Makes a Student Successful?

Elias Silver ‘20 leads a public forum debate meeting. He is very passionate about the team, noting that “ is always rewarding to help people enjoy something that’s difficult.”
Sophia Randall, Staff Reporter June 21, 2020
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