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Loose tea is generally preferred amongst tea connoisseurs, as loose tea is of higher quality.

The History of Tea

Khado Tsephel, Staff Reporter July 25, 2022

Tea has become entrenched in the daily routines of millions. Like coffee, it is a popular beverage that people drink all over the world. From herbal tea to bubble tea, it has become an immensely popular...

When asked about his hobbies, Mr. Morrell replied, “I don’t have a lot of hobbies but I spend a lot of time doing work for school which is fine, because it’s something that I enjoy doing.”

The Logic Behind Science: A Profile on Mr. Morrell, Assistant Principal of Physical Science & Engineering

Camille Chen, Staff Reporter July 25, 2022

While doing a hard problem, you come across a bump in your process of conceptualizing, whether it is from not understanding the ideas enough or just being confused about the wording of the problem. However,...

Balli Kaur Jaswal has been commended for her ability to hook readers worldwide with her books, which combine enthralling storytelling with crucial diversity of characters and thought.

The Novelist Balli Kaur Jaswal Tells Her Story

Mandeep Kaur, Staff Reporter July 25, 2022

Balli Kaur Jaswal is an anomaly in the world of Western authors — while other novels focus on cultures well-known and familiar to American audiences, Jaswal puts a unique spin on her novels by meshing...

Here is the Midtown Theater shortly after it opened in 1933. Its grand terracotta facade and marquee still stand today, although with a few new additions and a new name: The Metro Theater.

The Long-Empty 1930s ‘Metro Theater’ is Returning to the Upper West Side

Helen Stone, Staff Reporter July 25, 2022

In a rapidly developing city, it can be hard to find remnants of New York’s history. Surrounded by unassuming apartment buildings, however, is an antiquity that reminds all passers-by of what once was...

My grandmother used to tell stories about demons who lived in the Wuta, when we went to visit Wuta Park.

Summers Behind the Mountains: A Profile of the Fujian Province in China

Melanie Lin, Staff Reporter July 25, 2022

Summer of 2018 was a strange time for me. My mother and I were with my grandmother, and we drove up the rolling hills of the Fujianese countryside in China with some other relatives. We arrived at a large...

A child rides his bicycle outside of Nauru College through the Island Ring, the nation’s main road. The ring circles the entire island and has a circumference of 17 kilometers.

Nauru: The Phantom Island of the Pacific

Charlotte Zhou, Staff Reporter July 25, 2022

There’s something special about islands.  As Charles Darwin once described the Galapagos Islands in 1835, islands are essentially the living laboratories of evolution. From finches to tortoises,...

Here is a drawing of one of the characters from Marzuq Miftah’s upcoming comic ‘Dorigami’ which will be entered into a webtoon contest. It features his artist signature on the top right, with lines which if arranged in certain ways spell out his name.

A Profile of the Future Manga Artist Marzuq Miftah ’22

Rahib Taher, Staff Reporter July 22, 2022

The first time I met Marzuq Miftah ’22 was in my ninth grade English class at Bronx Science. It was during fourth period, after a drowsy geometry class, a tiring Spanish class, and a relatively energetic...

Mr. Ogilvie poses with some students in the cafeteria. From left to right: Ben Golden 22, Mr. Ogilvie, Jatin Kapoor 22, and Rayaan Rahman 22.

A Profile of Bronx Science School Aide Paul Ogilvie

Ben Raab, Staff Reporter July 22, 2022

 “Talk and taste your tongue” is just one of many interesting expressions that Bronx Science School Aide Mr. Paul Ogilvie says throughout the day. During a typical day at Bronx Science, Mr. Ogilvie...

Meena Shikes ‘22 and Carolina Hohl ‘22, were the co-presidents of the Civic Engagement Club during the 2021-2022 academic year. “I think that if students are active citizens involved in their community, they are more likely to continue this behavior when they become adults. In other words, early exposure to this would probably increase the likelihood of active citizenship in adulthood,” Shikes said.

Presidents of the Civic Engagement Club Carolina Hohl ’22 and Meena Shikes ’22: Leaders of a Brighter Tomorrow

Suhani Madan, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

Every Wednesday, in Room 309, discussions about a brighter future take place. Civic engagement in high school students is an extremely important aspect of our teenage lives. We face the consequences of...

Hannah Lee 23 lives by her motto, “You don’t learn from your successes, you learn from your failures.”

The Story of Hannah Lee ’23: From First Year Rookie to Head of Programming With the Sciborgs

Krittika Chowdhury, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

Hannah Lee ‘23 did not have the typical start to her high school journey. Her journey started at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School in Bayside, Queens. Initially Lee was very upset at herself, as going...

 “I think, ultimately, the reason why I am able to balance everything I do is because of a really strong support system, and a passion for excelling, said Yu Wang ’23.

A Profile on Yu Wang ’23, Adept at Balancing Multiple Activities

Kristen Li, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

She ran through the halls of Bronx Science with urgency. She turned the corner and finally reached the room. She made sure to adjust her clothes and take a deep breath. With a confident demeanor, Bronx...

Here is an exhibition of Maiers photographs at Dunkers Kulturhus in Helsingborg, Sweden in 2016.

Vivian Maier: The Mary Poppins of Street Photography

Wendy Lin, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

Highland Park, Illinois, 1950s. A tall, serious-looking woman walked down the street with three boys. She appeared to be just another typical middle-class neighborhood nanny. Her pixie-like haircut,...

Film has always reflected queer people and experiences, but that reflection used to be distorted and shadowed. Its now becoming more clear.

A History of Queerness on Screen

Acadia Bost, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

“Hollywood, that great maker of myths, taught straight people what to think about gay people and gay people what to think about themselves.” - The Celluloid Closet, 1995. Queer people have always...

Flower Girl is a self-dependent flower business founded by Denise Porcaro. It is well known for being NYC’s go-to wedding arrangement providers and has made a reputation for selling absolutely marvelous bouquets.

The Allure of Flower Girl

Maliha Chowdhury, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

On a beautiful spring day, I walk into a building, and am awestruck by the burst of color covering every inch of the room. Flower petals decorate the floor and tables, and when I turn, I see an employee...

Prom in America has been a rite of passage for generations.

The History of Prom in America

Raisa Barshai, Staff Reporter July 21, 2022

Many Americans have dreamed about their prom night for as long as they can remember. The vision of a night filled with dancing, limos, romance, and fruit punch bowls are as American as apple pie. Countless...

Here is Mr. Grossman playing his favorite guitar, a Fender Stratacoustic.

A Respect for Literature in All Its Forms: A Profile of English Teacher Mr. Grossman

Ryan Goldsmith, Staff Reporter July 20, 2022

An audience of thirty, packed into a stuffy venue, watches an artist at work. On the stage, a man wields a guitar and professes mystical soliloquies in verse. The spotlight is blinding and the crowd’s...

The IEP team at Bronx Science is always trying to improve the program, according to Mr. Jonson, a Special Education teacher. This year, for the first time, we had kind of a pilot program, where all of the special education teachers met with the teachers of each student and went through the IEP and highlighted and explained what this document is really going to look like in their classroom, and how the teachers can best help that student do well in the classroom.

How Individualized Education Programs Work

Tzvi Kalb, Staff Reporter July 20, 2022

In the United States, over 6 million public school students have IEPs.  An Individualized Education Program, or IEP for short, is a 15-20 page document that explains a student's challenges as a...

Mina Lone has fallen in love with music. “Whenever I have free time, whether it is at school, at church, or at home, you’ll probably find me fiddling around on the guitar, cooking up some lyrics, listening to a new song, or some combination of all of the above,” she said.

Spotlighting Singer-Songwriter Stuyvesant Graduate Mina Lone ’22

Olivia Wronski, Staff Reporter July 20, 2022

Seated at her desk in her bedroom is Mina Lone holding a guitar. One hand pressing down on the strings to create chords, while the other hand strums to produce the familiar crisp sound of an acoustic guitar....

Dr. Schmidt said she has been greatly influenced by her colleagues. “I have spent a lot of time observing and conversing with people in my department and other departments. Ive had  a lot of conversations about how to care more about learning and the learning process instead of just grades. I just want my kids to be happy and learning.”

Finding the Beauty of Animals, Science, and Learning: A Profile on Dr. Schmidt, a Bronx Science Biology Teacher

Ayshi Sen, Staff Reporter July 20, 2022

As I walked into Room 333 at Bronx Science to interview Dr. Schmidt, I found her surrounded by students from her Advanced Placement Biology class. Each student was waiting to ask her a question for their...

Stuyvesant High School senior Michelle Zhang 22 poses outside of Harvard University with a Harvard banner during the 2026 Accepted Students Meeetup.

Advice on Applying to College From Stuyvesant High School Student Michelle Zhang ’22, Future Harvard Class of 2026

William Wu, Staff Reporter July 20, 2022

Harvard University’s alumni include some of the most renowned people in the world. The university has produced world leaders, scientists, CEOs, bestselling authors, and celebrities. Moreover, having...

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