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Stuyvesant High School senior Michelle Zhang 22 poses outside of Harvard University with a Harvard banner during the 2026 Accepted Students Meeetup.

Advice on Applying to College From Stuyvesant High School Student Michelle Zhang ’22, Future Harvard Class of 2026

William Wu, Staff Reporter June 6, 2022

Harvard University’s alumni include some of the most renowned people in the world. The university has produced world leaders, scientists, CEOs, bestselling authors, and celebrities. Moreover, having...

Here are Spring flowers in bloom in Fort Tryon Park’s Heather Garden in Upper Manhattan.

Fantastic Spring Flowers and Where to Find Them

Nora Sissenich, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

Those who come to live in New York City certainly do not come here for the flora. The very lack of greenery is why some who have the means to do so choose to leave — or seek respite in the Hudson Valley,...

In his Health class, Mr. Dahlem poses with a baseball bat in front of a Peace sign, a representative image of his personality and teaching style.

Health and Happiness First: A Profile of Health Teacher and Dean, Christopher Dahlem

Josephine Kinlan, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

There is power in patience. That is the lesson that Bronx Science Dean and Health teacher, Christopher Dahlem, learned throughout his six years teaching at the P811M Mickey Mantle School of Specialized...

Here is the official logo of Run The Record.

A Profile of the Music Podcast ‘Run the Record’

Fairuz Omar Raya, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

What does it mean to chase your dreams? To put work into your passions? Farhan Sreejan’23 and Daniel Loyola are two teenagers – two friends – hundreds of miles apart. Yet they come together every...

Jane Austen is most known for her six published and finished novels, all made into various spin-offs and adaptations for generations to love.

Jane Austen: Universally Acknowledged

Maliha Chowdhury, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

With dozens of adaptations of Jane Austen's novels and short stories in the twentieth century, Austen's cherished book Pride and Prejudice is arguably the most famous novel for recent generations to either...

Walking through a train station with Luke Jow 22 consists of a lesson in subway history, split second decisions about which car to board, and greetings to MTA personnel.

The Scrolling of Pelham 123: A Profile of Luke Jow ’22

Maggie Schneider, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

“Godly” is the last word many of us would use to describe the MTA, but Luke Jow ’22 cannot help but say it when he’s riding the rails. Unlike most New York commuters, he possesses a fierce devotion...

Here is the finished sponge cake that my family often bakes. With its light, airy texture and delicious taste, it has become a staple dessert for my family.

European Sponge Cake: A Recipe and My Family’s History With Making It

Alexandra Zwiebel, Staff Reporter April 27, 2022

Upon waking up late on a Sunday morning, the familiar aroma of a sweet baked good dominates my senses. As I make my way into the kitchen, I watch my sister and mother carefully maneuver to balance an upside...

The use of make-up is widespread in many cultures today. It has a long history. During Elizabethan times (1558 - 1603), women would apply a thick layer of white foundation onto their faces.

Skin Color and Beauty Standards: A History

Khado Tsephel, Staff Reporter April 24, 2022

“Beauty is pain” remains a commonly heard phrase. Throughout history, numerous women have gone through great pains and endangered their health in order to obtain the beauty they desire. Various questionable...

A Little Paris sign, along with the French Flag, mark the official French quarters of New York City. It can be found on Centre Street in Soho.

Little Paris, a Hidden Gem in Manhattan’s SoHo Neighborhood

Sarah Derkach, Staff Reporter April 24, 2022

New York City is a cultural melting pot. The city is known for its countless neighborhoods that provide a taste of their native food, language, and architecture. However, many New Yorkers don’t know...

Baking makes me so happy, carefree and cheerful, especially when I can bake for my friends and family.  I can see myself five years, ten years, or even fifty years from now still cooking, still baking cakes, still trying new dishes, and living the dream of traveling the world in the comfort of my kitchen and through different cuisines. It makes me feel like I am part of something bigger than myself,” said Tasmia Afrin 23.

Tasmia Afrin ’23: Full Time Student, Part Time Food Blogger

Aaminah Bukhari, Staff Reporter April 21, 2022

A sliding door and a big red curtain are what separates the ramen-noodle restaurant, Karakatta, near Washington Square Park, New York City, from the outside world. Pulling the curtain open, a hostess directs...

Mangal Shovajatra procession on Pohela Boishakh, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2014

Pohela Boishakh: The Bengali New Year

Tasnim Tamanna, Staff Reporter April 21, 2022

The holiday of Pohela Boishakh, which took place this year on April 14th, 2022, ushered in a new year for all Bengalis.  At the break of dawn, artists from Chhayanaut (an institution devoted to...

As the agriculture sector fell apart under Stalin, it became a favorite backdrop for Tarkovsky in his films.

The Film Director Andrei Tarkovsky’s Journey Through the Soviet Union

Griffin Weiss, Staff Reporter April 19, 2022

Andrei Tarkovsky believed that his art was the product of an imperfect world. He is quoted as saying that his art would be “useless had the world been perfect.” This philosophy is easy to track from...

Though carnival parades have always been known for their beautiful light shows, Endymion - named for the mythical Greek youth who fell in love with the moon - is best known for using modern lighting techniques to dazzle its spectators.

The Magic of Mardi Gras

Felicia Jennings-Brown, Staff Reporter April 12, 2022

My earliest memories of Carnival have blended like a faded dream. Although they are all from when I was seven, they have  survived through the haze of childhood amnesia. I remember distinctly watching...

Mr. Li helps Iskander Khan 22 with an AP Calculus assignment during SGI.

The Beauty in Mathematics: A Profile of Mr. Li, Bronx Science Calculus Teacher

Johanna Doyle, Staff Reporter April 10, 2022

Mr. Yi Li, a Calculus teacher at Bronx Science, disliked math when he was growing up. This changed when he discovered a perspective in math that resonated with him.  “I had never liked math until...

“I buy everybody’s records, Ive got the Beatles, Ive got everybody...Now weve got to be not too partial to one kind of music, weve got to appreciate all kinds of music,” Armstrong said.

The Home of Louis Armstrong: A Peek Into the Influential Jazz Figure’s House and His Life and Times in Corona, Queens

Camila Kulahlioglu, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

A soft yellow light glows through a bay window in Corona, Queens. To an onlooker, the Louis Armstrong house at 34-56 107th Street seems quaint and simple, yet its story is anything but. The two-story...

Green-Wood Cemetery’s chapel was designed in 1911 by Warren and Wetmore, the firm that also designed Manhattans Grand Central Terminal.

A Stroll Through Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, A National Historical Landmark

Ellora Klein, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

My favorite time of year to visit the Green-Wood Cemetery in Western Brooklyn is mid-winter, particularly after a snowstorm. The pond freezes over with temptingly ice-skate-able ice and the mausoleum doors...

Here is a view of the Jerome Park reservoir, including the Tracey Towers in the background.

The Jerome Park Reservoir: Its History and Legacy

Benjamin Fishbein, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

If you go to Google Maps’ “satellite” mode and look at the neighborhood surrounding our school, you will notice that the Bronx Science campus sits in the middle of a large interruption of the usual...

Sappho, often considered the tenth muse, was thought of by many scholars to be one of the best lyrical poets of her time. (In the Days of Sappho, by John William Godward)

Sappho, Greece’s Forgotten ‘Tenth Muse’

Nehla Chowdhury, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

In the fall of my ninth-grade year, I stood in the middle of the Bronx Science East gymnasium, holding three textbooks in my arms as I waited in line to swipe them out. As I followed COVID-19 protocols...

Asuka Koda 23 has made a continued impact upon Bronx Sciences school community.

From Working on JSLT to Running Wolverine TV: A Profile on Asuka Koda ’23

Eddie Jiang, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

As the sun rises over the city of New York, thousands of students rise with it. With each new day, comes a new purpose. But for Asuka Koda ’23, she's already found her purpose at Bronx Science. From...

In the middle of Station Square are two old fashioned kiosks, which still exist today. However, the middle of Station Square functions today as a small seating area, ideal for enjoying fresh croissants from the French Bakery on Austin Street, La Boulangerie de François.

The Fantastical Beauty of Forest Hills, Queens

Karishma Ramkarran, Staff Reporter March 16, 2022

Picture this: you have just stepped off the R train to the 71st Avenue platform. As you exit, you may find yourself walking the lively sidewalks of Austin Street. A short stroll takes you to the historic...

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