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Sonali Campbell, Staff Reporter

Sonali Campbell is a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey.’ To her, journalism is an outlet to tell stories in a way that impacts and educates the reader. Strong works of journalism can make simplicity exciting and the overlooked heard. Through writing op-eds or straight news, Sonali appreciates how many perspectives can be written on a topic and how that impacts people’s understanding of it. Whether it's an overview on a world-altering current event, or a feature of a shop owner, Sonali believes that journalism is an incredibly important aspect of society. She also loves journalistic photography and the way it can also tell stories through capturing moments without the use of words. When she is not working for the Bronx Science Speech and Debate team, Sonali enjoys reading, traveling, painting, and creating other forms of art. Though she isn’t completely confident in what she wants to do in college and the world beyond, she knows that she wants to pursue a career in medicine, particularly neuroscience or genetics, after college. However, Sonali also wants to incorporate writing into her future, whatever that might be. Her passion for writing stems in part from Bronx Science, and she hopes to explore her interests in this field further in the years to come.

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Sonali Campbell