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Emi Hare-Yim, Staff Reporter

Emi Hare-Yim is a News Editor for ‘The Science Survey.’ What draws her to journalism is her love of crafting something beautiful - for her, it’s all about the eloquence of the piece. But at the same time, she values the craft of an engaging and factual story. It’s important to find a balance between both, as her dad says. She finds that taking pictures must also hold an element of beauty, yet have a deeper meaning to convey to the reader. She is currently on the Bronx Science Congressional Debate team, where she learns to create well rounded arguments - applicable to the creation of strong editorial pieces. In school, she pursues Social Science Research, and volunteers at her local cat shelter on the weekends. In the future, in terms of college, Emi sees herself studying all things writing. Journalism, history, social science and psychology are all probable prospects. But if nothing else, the experience of writing for 'The Science Survey' will create a long lasting impact on her writing technique for years to come.

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Products are being branded as a “fix-all” – for both your physical and mental well-being. (Photo Credit: Viva Luna Studios / Unsplash)

Self Care: The Fine Line

Emi Hare-Yim, Staff Reporter
March 12, 2024
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Emi Hare-Yim