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Sophia Nguyen is a Staff Reporter for 'The Science Survey.' What she finds most appealing about journalism is how she gets the opportunity to write on topics for which she is passionate. For Sophia, journalism serves as a platform for her to voice her own opinions, as well as hearing those of others. One of her favorite things about journalism is the connections that she makes during interviews and what she learns about the person she is talking to. She loves hearing people’s opinions on any subject and gaining perspective about the world. Other interests of Sophia's outside of school include playing the piano and competing in Model United Nations.

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A lot of our news platforms are now mainly leaning left or right in ther politics. This contributes to causing media bias and a lack of neutral tone in our media. (Photo Credit: Matthew Guay / Unsplash)

When Did the News Become Biased?

Sophia Nguyen, Staff Reporter
March 12, 2024
Even though the population is still increasing, the rate at which the population is increasing is decreasing rapidly, and many people say that after a certain point, the population will fall. (Photo Credit: Rob Curran / Unsplash)

A Woman’s Choice

Sophia Nguyen, Staff Reporter
January 2, 2024
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Sophia Nguyen