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Saira Billah, Staff Reporter

Saira Billah is a Chief Graphic Designer for ‘The Observatory’ yearbook. She takes candid photos and edits photos for the school's yearbook. Saira has always enjoyed taking pictures since she was young. Whether it is taking photos of friends, animals, or nature, Saira enjoys being able to capture people’s emotions through photos. Saira also enjoys a variety of hobbies. On the weekends, she plays badminton with her family and friends, and she is also a member of the Bronx Science Girls’ Varsity Badminton Team. She is also an advocate for preventing global warming, and she eagerly makes small changes in her day to day schedule to decrease her carbon footprint. She also likes to play video games, watch movies, and play with her cat. She often enjoys challenging her friends to a game of chess or learning new tricks like twirling a pencil. Every Friday after school, Saira tours restaurants all over Manhattan, especially Chinatown and Koreatown, because she is a big foodie. One of Saira’s many passions is physics, and she hopes to use her knowledge in physics to become a wonderful mechanical engineer.

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This student makes observations through a microscope.

Science Labs at Bronx Science!

Saira Billah, Staff Reporter
June 20, 2020
Students cut up some apples for a dragon lizard.

Animals in Bronx Science!

Saira Billah, Staff Reporter
June 18, 2020
Students work on their math homework.

[Photo] Hallway Life

Lola Murti, Staff Reporter
June 1, 2020
Nate Lentz 20 and his friends smile after a Boys Varsity Cross Country meet.

Sportsmanship at Bronx Science!

Saira Billah, Staff Reporter
May 28, 2020
Senior Yi Lan Zhang 20 and her friend smile while advertising Key Club.

Why are Clubs so Important?

Saira Billah, Staff Reporter
May 17, 2020
Derrick Lu 21 presents his work to his classmates.

Student Interactions

Saira Billah, Staff Reporter
May 9, 2020
Having fun in class.

Students Hard at Work!

Saira Billah, Staff Reporter
April 14, 2020
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Saira Billah