Animals in Bronx Science!


Suzie Yu

Students cut up some apples for a dragon lizard.

Animals are very popular at Bronx Science! Considering the large student body in Bronx Science, it is not surprising that many of our students are animal lovers. There is an Animal Squad in Bronx Science that has many students spend their free time after school in order to take care of Bronx Science’s beloved pets. Some students cut up apples for the dragon lizards while others feed crickets to them. No matter what, all of the animals housed within Bronx Science are well taken care of and loved. With the school currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many of our students are currently taking care of the animals at their homes until school resumes in the future.

A student holds a guinea pig. (Cadence Chen)
A student embraces a guinea pig. (Cadence Chen)
Students observe the guinea pigs in their cages. (Raitah Jinnat)
Sara Poon ’21 is taking care of the crickets. (Kin Yang)
A chinchilla is relaxing in her cage. (Kin Yang)
Students have fun and feed a reptile. (Suzie Yu)
A student gets ready to feed an animal. (Suzie Yu)
Saira Billah ’21 and Elizabeth Pan ’21 take care of a hamster. (Suzie Yu)