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Raitah Jinnat
Raitah Jinnat is an Online Newspaper editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and an Academics Section Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ She feels that journalistic writing is an important way to spread messages and various perspectives about a topic. Journalistic photography meanwhile captures a moment in time that can show a story, instead of just telling it. Raitah is a varsity member of the Bronx Science Speech Team, and loves being able to spread a message there as well. She also enjoys journaling as her main hobby, and has been doing it since she was six. Raitah enjoys listening to the artists Dean and Lana del Rey. She plans on going to medical school in order to become a dermatologist. Raitah hopes to be able to use her journalistic skills in order to help her patients and give back to the community.  

Raitah Jinnat, Staff Reporter

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Raitah Jinnat