Introduction to Neuroscience

Unlock the secrets of the brain.


Raitah Jinnat

Celeste Abourjeili ’20 works individually to learn more about her mind in the ‘Introduction to Neuroscience’ course.

Dive into the world of neuroscience and discover the depths of your own mind with Bronx Science’s new lab science course, ‘Introduction to Neuroscience!’ This year, AP Biology and research teacher Dr. JoAnn Gensert started the course in order to provide students with the opportunity to explore the makeup of the healthy and the pathological brain, all the while learning about themselves. Dr. Gensert graduated from Columbia University with a Ph.D. in neurobiology, and she has spent a lot of time conducting neuroscience research. As an experienced student of neuroscience, she is ready to transfer her knowledge to the young scientists of Bronx Science. So, let’s dive in and get to know the nitty-gritty details of this new class!

In this open and lecture-style class, students learn about the structure of the brain through modeling, reading research articles, and conducting labs. Dr. Gensert chooses each new topic based on the interests of her students. Since this is a new course, the curriculum is open-ended and flexible, making it different from other lab science courses. “I really like that the curriculum can be dictated by us, and that she welcomes feedback on how to improve the class,” said Alexandra Weiss ’20, one of the thirty seniors taking the course. Everything in this class comes down to the students and their enjoyment. Students can learn any topic they are interested in exploring in the field of neuroscience.

Additionally, the labs in this course maintain student engagement by being personalized to every student. Each lab is individual to the student, since the student has to conduct the experiment on him/herself and report on the findings. Many students have learned new things about their fears and sociability through these labs.  “I enjoy how we can apply everything that we are learning to ourselves and our minds. We are our own study,” said Weiss. This class is not only an introductory course for those interested in pursuing psychology or neuroscience in the future, but it is also applicable to every student in the class. Everyone has something unique that they can learn here.  

On top of this, ‘Introduction to Neuroscience’ is also a great preparatory course for those headed for medical school. As Bronx Science is a STEM-oriented high school, it is understandable that a large portion of the student population plans on pursuing a career in STEM. This class is one of the many college and medical school preparatory courses that we have here at Bronx Science. “Neuroscience just proves how Bronx Science prepares you for the real world,” said Eugene Toth ’20, a senior who plans to become a neurosurgeon. 

Neuroscience offers an interesting and unique perspective on the human mind and acts as a distinctive learning experience for every person. So to the students in the earlier grades who are contemplating taking this course or are interested in neuroscience, take ‘Introduction to Neuroscience’ to uncover the secrets of your brain.

“I enjoy how we can apply everything that we are learning to ourselves and our minds. We are our own study,” said Alexandra Weiss ’20.