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Mayesha Soshi
Mayesha Soshi is a Copy Chief Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and a People Sections Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ She enjoys journalism because it allows her to explore stylistic and creative writing while reporting on relevant current events. The creative freedom found with writing and journalistic photography allows her to effectively portray her stories to her readers and present an accurate story. Mayesha loves the authenticity and ingenuity of the journalistic writing process. This year, in addition to journalism, Mayesha furthered her writing endeavors by contributing to the script writing process for the S!NG 2020 musical. S!NG is a student run theatre program and over the summer, she, along with several others, brainstormed ideas and perfected a script for the production. Outside of writing, Mayesha is an active member of the Bronx Science Model United Nations team and the volunteering organization Build Opportunity, Lead Discovery (BOLD). She also partakes in mathematics research with professor Robert Melara at City College of New York. As a senior making her way towards college, Mayesha hopes to continue exploring her writing interests and majoring in International Relations. 

Mayesha Soshi, Staff Reporter

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Mayesha Soshi