SciMUNC, the 13th Annual Bronx Science Model United Nations Conference

SciMUNC is now in session!


Mayesha Soshi

Delegates raise their placards during the Joint-Crisis Committee’s panel on ‘English Civil War: The Roundheads’ during SciMUNC.

Are there any points or motions on the floor? 

Motion to discuss SciMUNC (Bronx Science Model United Nations Conference) XIII.

That is in order.

Mayesha Soshi
Director General Lilian Tzanev introduces guest speaker Vladimira Kantorova during SciMUNC.

On December 14th, 2019, Bronx Science held its 13th annual Model United Nations Conference, known as SciMUNC. Hosting and housing over seven hundred students from all around the city and the East coast, SciMUNC is the largest high school Model UN conference in New York City. Led by Secretary General Jack Tapay ’20, SciMUNC provided a wide range of interactive committees, from general assembly to crisis committees, that allowed delegates to engage in comprehensive debates on international relations and learn about current and historical events.

SciMUNC is intended to model a real collegiate conference and to give delegates the opportunity to share their ideas and enjoy the experience of resolving world issues. “Through this simulated conference, we hope to build and foster the leaders of tomorrow,” said Under-Secretary Omar Darwish ’22.

With new executive positions and a new board, SciMUNC was a huge success this year. The team, which Director General Lillian Tzanev ’20 describes as a “close knit community,” prepared for this conference over the course of six months. After board elections last year, the floor was opened for committee proposals and staff applications from team members. Two weeks later, the team was briefed on the professionalism expected of their work, and they were given strict deadlines to follow, in order to make the conference a success.

The board “emphasized that staffing was no joke, and we committed to having multiple staff meetings” in which they went over “logistics, awards criteria, and the essentials of chairing,” said Tapay. “Preparation was integral to the success of this year’s conference.” Through extensive preparation, the SciMUNC team built leaders and chairs that could effectively guide their delegates in meaningful debates and in turn, lead the way for a successful conference day. 

In the weeks leading up to the conference, the board as well as the chairs and backroom staffers handled all logistical matters and ensured that Bronx Science was properly set up for the event. Team members stayed after school on multiple occasions to print name tags and placards, to contact participating schools, and much more. The team strove to make the SciMUNC experience “as dynamic as possible for those chairing as well as those participating,” said General Assembly Co-Director Menasha Thomas ’20. “For many delegates, it is one of their first Model UN experiences, so we always want to ensure that it’s both a learning experience for them, but also fun.” 

Mayesha Soshi
Executive board discuss logistical matters before the opening ceremony at SciMUNC.

SciMUNC has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both delegates and faculty advisors. The visiting schools were impressed with “our background guides and our transparency in communication,” said Tapay. “Faculty advisors appreciated how we did our best to get information out there as soon as possible, and how much our guides improved from previous years.”

Delegates also had a great time. They all enjoyed their committees, particularly the crisis committees, and were impressed with how smoothly everything ran both in the backroom and the front room. The success of the crisis committees this year is largely contributed to the two crisis directors, Rizwan Kazi ’20 and Celeste Abourjeili ’20, who worked hand in hand to structure the backroom and implement new procedures that allowed the committees to run efficiently. 

All in all, SciMUNC provided a fun and memorable experience for participants and the board alike. Ending this year on a successful note, more is to come at SciMUNC XIV.   

“Through this simulated conference, we hope to build and foster the leaders of tomorrow,” said Under-Secretary Omar Darwish ’22.

Mayesha Soshi
The SciMUNC team takes a group picture in celebration of a successful conference.