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Nabeeha Alam, Staff Reporter

Nabeeha Alam is a Chief Graphic Designer for ‘The Observatory’ yearbook. She enjoys taking and analyzing journalistic photographs, as they capture and reveal a deeper meaning behind stories and people. She believes that photography and journalistic writing allows people to not only express themselves in a beautiful way but to also view the world through a different lens and listen to varying perspectives. In addition to photography, Nabeeha advocates for environmental awareness and incorporates small yet sustainable actions into her daily life. From taking classes on climate leadership to participating in climate strikes, she takes the time to educate herself and supports the climate justice movement. In school, Nabeeha is currently a member of S.O. Cabinet where she collaborates with her peers to organize and host a wide range of school events for the student body. On the weekends, Nabeeha spends much of her time helping her mother garden in their backyard or looking into the latest fashion trends. She also loves keeping up with the K-POP industry and listening to music from artists such as Enhypen, TXT, Astro and IU. Although Nabeeha is not completely sure as to her future career, she hopes to pursue an engineering major in college where she will be able to design and build more eco-friendly and sustainable infrastructure.

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Members of the Boys Bowling team pose for a picture in between rounds.

[Photo] Athletic Sportsmanship

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June 20, 2020
The Bronx Science community comes together to watch a festive performance!

Celebrating Our Diversity

Nabeeha Alam, Staff Reporter
May 23, 2020
 Students in Concert Band practice playing the trumpet.

The Arts at Bronx Science

Nabeeha Alam, Staff Reporter
May 4, 2020
A student pours batter into a cupcake tray during an Edible Arts club meeting.

Our Diversity of Clubs

Nabeeha Alam, Staff Reporter
April 25, 2020
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Nabeeha Alam