What Do Students Do With Their Free Time?


Jaymie Paredes

Students make origami during their free period.

Bronx Science is an amazing school that gives students access to very challenging courses. Because of this, students always need time to relax and unwind. Whether it’s before a tough math exam or a stimulating science lab, students love to hang out with friends and relax. Students can sit in the hallways and have fun with each other, as long as they keep the volume down. In the following pictures, you can see students unwind and have a lot of fun with their friends, which is very important in Bronx Science.

Students watch videos together in their free time. (Lola Murti)
Seniors enjoy a meal together. (Tyler Pelayo)
Jiawen Qi ’21 poses for a picture alongside her friends. (Nabeeha Alam)
Yong Jun Xie ’21 poses for a picture with her friend Sajjad Khan ’21. (Saira Billah)
Students pose for a picture in the hallway. (Anna Buhler)
A student has fun with her friend in the cafeteria. (Nabeeha Alam)
Students laugh and have a conversation in the cafeteria. (Nabeeha Alam)
Students laugh with each other during lunch. (Gazi Faud)