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Nabeeha Alam
Nabeeha Alam is a Photographer Editor & Staff Photographer of ‘The Observatory.’ Nabeeha enjoys taking and viewing journalistic photographs, as they capture and reveal a deeper message and story. Outside of school, she enjoys reading books ranging from typical teenage romances to those in the fantasy world. Some of her favorite authors are Rick Riordan and Roald Dahl. Nabeeha loves traveling to different places with her family and friends. Nabeeha’s two favorite places that she has visited so far are California and Canada. She wishes to visit Greece, Hawaii, and Italy. Nabeeha embraces new cultures, food, languages, as well as architecture and clothing. She hopes to incorporate her passion for architecture into her studies at college. Although, she isn’t sure what specific major she plans on doing, she plans on studying engineering. 

Nabeeha Alam, Staff Reporter

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Nabeeha Alam