Photos From the New York State Senators’ Visit


Saira Billah

Senator Bailey ’00, Senator Liu ’85, and Senator Stavisky ’56 answer questions for students attending the assembly held in their honor.

As one of the most prestigious schools in New York City, Bronx Science gives students many great opportunities. It is a fact that almost all students who go to Bronx Science have bright futures if they make the right choices. Three former students specifically worked very hard after high school to achieve great things. On February 7th, 2019, three esteemed Bronx Science alumni, New York State senators Jamaal Bailey ’00, John Liu ’85, and Toby Stavisky ’56, visited to hold an open panel for students during an assembly in the auditorium and to meet with smaller groups of students as well. In the following photographs, you can see the senators sharing their wisdom and giving advice to the present students of Bronx Science.


State senator Toby Stavisky ’56 listens intently to a student’s comment. (Saira Billah)
State senator John Liu ’85 shares his opinion about a heated topic of debate. (Saira Billah)
Students such as Azalea Danes ’20 took advantage of their opportunity to have an informative conversation with the state senators. (Saira Billah)
Students pay attention as Senator Jamaal Bailey ’00 shares some advice. (Saira Billah)
Senators Bailey ’00 and Liu ’85 listen intently to a student’s question. (Nabeeha Alam)
John Liu ’85 stands next to his Observatory yearbook photo. (Saira Billah)
Toby Stavisky ’56 stands next to her Observatory yearbook photo. (Saira Billah)
Jamaal Bailey ’00 stands next to his Observatory yearbook photo. (Saira Billah)