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Saira Billah
Saira Billah is a Photography Editor and Staff Photographer for ‘The Observatory’. She takes candid photos and edits photos for the school yearbook. Saira has always enjoyed taking pictures of people or things since she was young. She enjoys taking photos of things because she can capture people’s emotions through photos. This includes taking photos of friends or even animals. She has many hobbies that she does on the weekends. Saira plays badminton on the weekends with her family and friends, and she is also a member of the Bronx Science Girls’ Varsity Badminton Team. Saira is also an advocate for preventing global warming, and she tries to attend global climate strikes as often as she can. She also likes to play videogames, watch movies like any normal teenager, and play with her cat. She often enjoys challenging her friends to a game of chess or learning new tricks like twirling a pencil. After a hard week of school and stress, she likes to visit nice restaurants with friends to relax and rewind, as she loves to try new foods. She loves learning about physics because it teaches her about the things that happen around her. In the future, she plans to do something in the engineering field, but this can always change as she continues to experience more subjects in the future.

Saira Billah, Staff Reporter

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Saira Billah