Science Labs at Bronx Science!


Saira Billah

This student makes observations through a microscope.

Bronx Science is an amazing school that allows you to make all of your science dreams and fantasies come true. Our school offers a wide selection of science classes ranging from Advanced Placement Environmental Science to Physics C. All of the science classes teach students many valuable things that they will carry with them for years to come. The science labs are exceptional in Bronx Science, and students always take advantage of the variety of resources available to them.

Students look at a microscope and take observations. (Raitah Jinnat)
This student uses a microscope to look at a particle closely. (Raitah Jinnat)
This student creates a solution in a test tube. (Melanie Lin)
A student stands on a chair to take measurements. (Anna Buhler)
These students use a variety of materials to complete a lab. (Raitah Jinnat)
Emma Ngyuen ’21 gathers data on a laptop. (Albar Subekti)
Ninth graders work together to complete a lab. (Lola Murti)
Two students simultaneously work together to complete a lab. (Lola Murti)