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Melanie Lin
Melanie Lin is a staff reporter for ‘The Science Survey” and an Athletics Section reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ She enjoys journalistic writing because it brings light to issues that people are not knowledgeable about, and allows such information to be presented clearly. She enjoys the stories that are told through journalistic photography, and the way it affects perception in a way that writing cannot. In journalistic writing and photography, she finds a sense of unity because both balance out one another by doing things that its counterpart cannot. She enjoys creative writing in her free time, loves historical fiction books, and is a heavy tea drinker. Her favorite restaurant is a place in Chinatown called Congee Village, and her favorite place to grab a quick bite is E-MO kimbap. The favorite place she has been to is the island of Bermuda, a large island in the middle of the Carribean. Melanie is the ribbon dance coordinator for Lunar New Year Productions, a school club, which has an annual show displaying traditional and modern East Asian performances. She plans on going out of state for college, possibly somewhere like UCLA. In the future, she hopes to go to law school, as well as publish several fiction novels related to history, crime, and horror.

Melanie Lin, Staff Reporter

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Melanie Lin