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Melanie Lin
Melanie Lin is an Editorial Section Editor for 'The Science Survey.' She enjoys journalistic writing because it portrays mundane things in fascinating ways that are not possible with other forms of writing. She loves journalistic photography for the emotion that it adds to the writing. In journalistic writing and photography, she finds a sense of unity through the way pictures and words complete one another. Melanie enjoys painting and journaling in her free time, and she loves baked sweets. She likes to listen to Girls in the Park, LOONA, and Cravity. She loves to travel, and her favorite place on earth is Bermuda. Melanie participates in Lunar New Year Productions, a school club, which has an annual show displaying traditional and modern East Asian performances. She also writes for a science fiction webzine in her free time. Her dream college is Barnard College, where she plans to study creative writing and political science in hopes of being a journalist and a writer when she gets older.

Melanie Lin, Staff Reporter

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Melanie Lin