Why Vice President Kamala Harris Has Low Approval Ratings

President Harris’ approval ratings have reached a new low. Here’s why.


Gayatri Malhotra / Unsplash

“I’m not a huge fan of Vice President Kamala Harris. While I don’t know a whole lot about what she has done due to other Democrats’ obstruction, I know enough to know she’s not a good fit for Vice President.“ You have to work and prove yourself to the country after those first months are up,” said an anonymous Bronx Science student.

According to the Rasmussen Report, Vice President Kamala Harris’ approval ratings dropped to an all-time low of 39% in December 2021. With 50% of respondents strongly opposing her, this is an alarming number for Vice President Harris, whose opposition exists in the right and the far left alike. The bottom line is, pretty much everyone except the democrats don’t approve of her, and here’s why.

Before examining political stances, let’s dive into the obvious: Kamala Harris is a black woman and the child of two immigrants. One could argue that some of the negative approval ratings involve political disposition, and perhaps even misogyny. Her approval rating among men is quite telling, with it being an overwhelming 18% lower than among women.

Despite this, it seems to be her ideology and policymaking that truly puts people against her. A large part of America is made up of rural areas, and their residents tend to be against her progressive ideology. Since her actions do not reflect her ideology, she also receives overwhelming disapproval from people further left on the political spectrum. 

Undoubtedly, the action that Harris took earlier in her career that launched her unpopularity with the far left was when she denied necessary medical care to Michelle Norsworthy. This was done when Harris was the Attorney General of California in 2015. “Norsworthy has been treated for gender dysphoria for over 20 years, and there is no indication that her condition has somehow worsened to the point where she must obtain sex-reassignment surgery now rather than waiting until this case produces a final judgment on the merits,” noted a report from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. So why did Kamala Harris insist on taking something away that Norsworthy had been waiting on for such a long time? Just because Norsworthy had not yet received reassignment surgery does not mean that she does not deserve to receive it now. 

The far left knows best how Kamala’s actions have negatively impacted trans people, despite her seeming to support them on paper. “Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden have many opportunities to improve the lives of Americans and simply don’t take those opportunities. Instead, they voice their intentions to reactivate college debt interest rates. Many minority students start off at a financial disadvantage, never to recover due to these interest rates. It eats up money and is incredibly predatory,” said a Bronx Science student who wishes to remain anonymous. 

“Sure, she seems to support queer people on paper, but I want to hear it. I want to know my government supports me and my friends around the nation. I want more vocal pushes for these issues, make it known that you are acting in your voters’ best interest, or at least try to act in your voters’ best interest. Michelle Obama was a great First Lady, supporting higher quality school lunches in an effort to improve health among the nation’s children. Where is your initiative, Ms. Harris, as a Vice President who holds more power than the First Lady?” said an anonymous student at Bronx Science. (Gayatri Malhotra / Unsplash)

The bottom line is that Kamala Harris loses support from conservatives and from Republicans because of her ideology, and from leftists and progressives because of her actions. That 39% isn’t looking good, and if she wants to be re-elected, she needs to re-engage voters. When my classmates and I are able to vote in the next Presidential election in 2024, she will have to seriously engage us voters in order for us to even consider rooting for her and perhaps Joe Biden to represent the Democratic party.

The bottom line is that Kamala Harris loses support from conservatives and from Republicans because of her ideology, and from leftists and progressives because of her actions.