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Albar Subekti
Albar Subekti is a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey’ and an Athletics Section Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ He finds the flow of words, connection of ideas, and use of rhetoric in journalistic writing very enticing, as he can express his ideas. Journalist writing, he feels, opens the mind of both the author and the reader and that aspect sustains the beauty being a journalist. These stories may also be told in picture form, where sequences of photos; even individual photos may portray a compelling story. Albar had always been fascinated with taking such photos, always thinking up ways to retrieve a perfect shot. Outside of school, Albar always tries to give back to the community in Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan, whether that is through volunteering at food deliveries, in the lab with a mentor, live streaming educational content, or doing many acts of service with the Explorer Program. In school, Albar participates in many clubs such as Vivo Latino, Business, and Key Club. He is also a Varsity Debater in Lincoln Douglas Bronx Science Debate and has been the manager of many sports teams such as Boys’ Varsity Cricket. Albar enjoys watching and playing football and basketball, always trying to improve his skill set by matching up against tougher competition.

Albar Subekti, Staff Reporter

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Albar Subekti