Why are Clubs so Important?


Alex Thorp

Senior Yi Lan Zhang ’20 and her friend smile while advertising Key Club.

Life can get very complicated for students in Bronx Science when they are constantly surrounded by vigorous classes and ambitious students. Because of this, it is always important to have an outlet where you can express yourself. Many students take advantage of the variety of clubs that Bronx Science has to offer. Whether it is a playing a rigorous game of chess or enjoying an academic conversation with students, Bronx Science has it all. Many students find their passion on the day of the Club Fair, where students advertise their clubs to ninth graders and sophomores. It is a great way to relieve your stress and to find something that you enjoy doing!

Two students enjoy a tough game of chess! (Yi Lan Zhang)
Students rehearse their dance in front of a crowd. (Yi Lan Zhang)
Upperclassmen tell a ninth grader about their club, Fe Maidens. (Yi Lan Zhang)
Students advertise their club, Makerspace. (Yi Lan Zhang)
Edie Fine ’21 shows off the latest issue of ‘Dynamo,’ the literary magazine.  (Alex Thorp)
A student creates a flyer to advertise Key Club. (Yi Lan Zhang)
Students advertise their favorite club, Ultimate Frisbee. (Alex Thorp)
Students sign up for new clubs. (Alex Thorp)