Sportsmanship at Bronx Science!


Nate Lentz

Nate Lentz ’20 and his friends smile after a Boys’ Varsity Cross Country meet.

Bronx Science is an amazing school that offers students a huge variety of opportunities. Many students participate in team sports to create new friends and do things that they love. Sports are a great way to de-stress, especially in Bronx Science where students are constantly challenged academically. Sports are a great way to develop deep relationships with friends. In the following pictures, you can see images of students collaborating with other friends and having fun during games.

Students fence with each other during a fencing tournament. (Caleb Yam)
Raymond Huang ’20 practices with a friend before a Boys’ Varsity Badminton game. (Sanford James)
Members of the Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team discuss strategy after a game. (Rose Marabello)
Lara Belton ’21 and Chloe Guerrero ’22 start a game during a Girls’ Varsity Table Tennis practice. (Sophie Livingstone)
The members of the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team create a plan to win their game. (Byul Sak)
Students in Girls’ Varsity Cross Country warm up together before a meet. (Ula Pranevicius)
Members of the Boys’ Varsity Soccer team stretch before a game. (Lavanya Manickam)
Members of the Girls’ Varsity Golf team have fun before a game. (Kaitlyn Chan)