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Ula Pranevicius
Ula Pranevicius is an Editor-in-Chief for ‘The Observatory’ as well as a Senior Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey.’ Ula enjoys interviewing her fellow students and teachers, as it is a great opportunity to learn things about others that she would not have previously known. Capturing these moments through photos and writing Ula is able to share this information with the whole school community. She finds journalistic photography appealing as it allows her to share ideas and stories with an image, which is sometimes more effective than words. Outside of school, Ula enjoys hanging out with her friends and watching movies such as her favorites, ‘Kids’ and ‘Full Metal Jacket.’ Besides being a part of the track team and senior council, Ula spends a lot of her time walking her dog, Meskis. Ula is not yet sure of what she will be studying in college, but is very interested in communications and media studies.

Ula Pranevicius, Staff Reporter

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Ula Pranevicius