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Ellora Klein, Staff Reporter

Ellora Klein is a Copy Chief for ‘The Science Survey’ who enjoys exploring different perspectives through writing, editing, and reading. Ellora chose to study journalism due to her love for reading, but her interest has expanded throughout her time on 'The Science Survey.' She recognizes the significance of journalism as an industry, in both keeping the public informed and allowing people to make educated decisions through unbiased writing. She is intrigued by how writing can provoke both emotion and discussion through different interpretations. Ellora also enjoys journalistic photography and believes that a good photo can tell a story and humanize a subject. Unlike writing, photography can be appreciated and analyzed by anyone around the world without the barriers of language, and it can bring about different reactions depending on the viewer. Ellora is also the junior editor of the Bronx Science literary magazine, 'Dynamo,' which incorporates both writing and photography. Ellora is a member of the cross country team, indoor track team, and softball team, and loves outdoor activities and being in nature. She enjoys drawing, architecture, fashion, and other forms of design, and has participated in multiple art-based internships. She also loves music, and her favorite artists are currently The Pharcyde, Cocteau Twins, David Bowie, Slick Rick, and The Cure. Ellora loves traveling and exploring new places, and has travelled around the world. Her favorite places that she has travelled to are France and Guatemala, due to their rich cultures and delicious food. She plans to study either literature or design in college, and would love to continue pursuing both journalism and photography. She hopes to have a career in some form of art or literature based company, and would like to continue traveling throughout her life.

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Ellora Klein