Sports at Bronx Science


Karen Phua

Members of the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team dodge their opponents during a game.

At Bronx Science, it is well known that apart from out rigorous curriculum and options for courses, there are also many options for sports. Sports range from basketball to fencing to golf, but they all have their own place at Bronx Science. Each team practices every week of their season and works extremely hard. Even if you don’t know much about sports or haven’t participated in them before, there is always a place for you at Bronx Science. It is important to give our community the opportunity to participate in team activities that build strong friendships. Teams at Bronx Science value their connections with each other and value the time they get to spend with one another. The connection that a team has is unlike other friendships. The pictures depict the various sports that we offer and show the hard work and effort that we put into them.

A student is hard at work during Badminton practice. (Swanand Kanere)
Members of the Girls’ Track team warm up. (Ula Pranevicius)
A member of the Girls’ Bowling team aims for a strike. (Alina Chan)
The Boys’ Soccer team plays hard. (Anastasia Diakolios)
Members of the Boys’ Basketball practice to hone their skills. (Josh Kutler)
The Boys’ Varsity Cross Country team participates in a meet. (Nate Lentz)
A member of the Girls’ Varsity Swim team participates in a swim meet.(Margaux Reyl)
The girls spot each other during a Volleyball meet. (Josephine Kinlan)
A member of the Girls’ Varsity Golf team aims for a hole in one. (Kaitlyn Chan)