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Alina Chan
Alina Chan is an Editor-in-Chief for ‘The Science Survey.' She believes that when she writes, she gives herself, and others, a voice for self-expression. Alina also finds that journalistic writing allows her to tell stories while informing audiences. Alina admires journalistic photography since it can capture the authenticity of a moment in time that one can never get back. She believes that the aesthetics of photographs lure attention towards the article, and thus, are crucial to the story-telling. Outside of school, Alina loves trying new things and exploring new places. She plans to travel around the world later in life to experience new people and new settings. She also participates in social activism, dedicating time to organizations that are aimed at social equality. In college, Alina plans to study public policy and investigative journalism. She wishes to one day make an impact on her community by standing up for her beliefs.

Alina Chan, Staff Reporter

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Alina Chan