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Anastasia Diakolios
Anastasia Diakolios is one of the Editor in Chiefs of ‘The Observatory’ and a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey’. She loves to write about all the interesting members of the Bronx Science community and current events. She believes journalistic writing is important because it allows one to learn more about other people and their perspectives. Taking photos is one of her favorite parts of reporting, because she loves snapping a picture that clearly conveys the story she is trying to tell. Her love for current events is apparent as she was a member of the Public Forum debate team and wants to pursue a career in politics. In addition, she is one of the senior editors of Dynamo, a student run literary magazine. Her favorite book is ‘Just Kids’ by Patti Smith and she enjoys exploring different neighborhoods in New York. 

Anastasia Diakolios, Staff Reporter

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Anastasia Diakolios