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Swanand Kanere
Swanand Kanere is the Assistant Director of Internet Technology for ‘The Observatory’ and ‘The Science Survey.’ Swanand began programming at age thirteen and has continued ever since. He loves tackling the obstacles that arise while working with the information technology at the ‘The Observatory’ to guarantee that all systems are running the way they should be. Aside from creating personal technology projects in his free time, Swanand is an enthusiastic runner, competing with the track team, as well as a programmer on the SciBorgs, the school’s coed robotics team. His interests for college are to pursue a major in computer science as well as a minor in communications. Working at ‘The Observatory’ has given him the inspiration to follow a career involving operations and information technology to better inform the public.

Swanand Kanere, Staff Reporter

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Swanand Kanere