Students Enjoying School Events


Lola Murti

Students show their school spirit by wearing pink for their grade during Color Day.

Bronx Science is a challenging school academically, and our administration acknowledges that, and respects the student body for their determination during classes. But, even the most motivated and hard-working need a break sometimes, and the school provides us with some great events that allow us to break free and have some fun. From Halloween to school movie nights to Winter Wonderland to the Valentines Day Cupid’s Bash, the school and the S.O. plan the perfect stress free events for the students

Swanand Kanere
Students enjoy playing a game of Twister during Cupid’s Bash.


Swanand Kanere
A student dresses up as a donut for Halloween.


Arona Islam
Students represent their culture by wearing traditional dresses during Culture Day.


Gazi Fuad
A group of students show school spirit by wearing their pajamas on Pajama Day.


Gazi Fuad
Students have fun meeting the recently graduated class of 2019 during Homecoming.


Jackson Trauben
Seniors show off their custom T-shirts.


Lola Murti
Seniors de-stress by wearing their favorite retro clothing.


Tyler Pelayo
The school hosts a brunch for seniors.


Swanand Kanere
A student delights in a heart-shaped lollipop on Valentine’s Day.
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