A Profile of the Makerspace Club


Ammar Barbee

The final version of Ammar Barbee’s homemade CNC (Computer numerical control) milling machine.

Makerspace is a very unique club at Bronx Science. Students gather here to work on their own projects using tools and supplies found at the school. Students are encouraged to collaborate and to seek help from each other in order to create their own designs. Makerspace is a haven for creativity and innovation and is only amplified by the quality of its advisors. Mr. Wala, the faculty advisor of the club, helps the students out with their work. Mr. Wala is also joined by Mr. Kalin, who also helps the students with the technical aspects of their designs as well as using tools in the machine shop.

Long time Makerspace member Fayyad Zakaria ’20 notes, “As advisor to our club, you will always find Mr. Wala jumping between students as he assists them with their projects. If you want to get something cut with a saw or sanded? He’s your guy. Mr. Wala and Mr. Kalin are major reasons why our club has been able to develop so much and they are the reasons why Makerspace members know what they’re doing. You’d be hard-pressed to find other people that knowledgeable in construction with such  humorous and extravagant personalities.”

Wilson Dong ’21 says this to those intimidated by the club: “Don’t be afraid to do something because you don’t know how to do it. Life is all about learning, and Makerspace is the perfect place to learn.”

Ammar Barbee ’20 works on his project during Makerspace. (Saad Khandakar)
Fayyad Zakaria ’20 works on a project using the laser cutting machine. (Ramisa Promi)
Fayyad Zakaria ’20, pictured on the left, works with a fellow member during Makerspace. (Caitlin Yeung)
Aidan Domondon ’21 takes the proper safety precautions while using a saw. (Saad Khandakar)
A student works with wood to create his project. (Pinkey Lam)
A student uses a saw to cut wood for their project. (Saad Khandakar)