Cultural Appreciation of Bronx Science Students


Jaymie Paredes

Students eat and share a common Italian snack.

Throughout the year, Bronx Science students show their pride in their cultures. They can attend many clubs such as Italian Culture club, Japanese Culture club, BOSS, and Greek Culture club. Students watch videos and engage in activities relevant to each club. For example, in the Filipino Culture Club, students were able to bring in and share one of their favorite Filipino dishes. NASHA also puts on a great performance at the end of each year celebrating Southeast Asian/West Indian culture. This year, the Student Organization worked tirelessly to host the very first Cultural Day. Many students were able to display their cultures and take in others as well.

Students share a traditional Filipino dish. (Azalea Danes)
Students engage in a Greek folk dance. (Samama Moontaha)
Some students strive to spread knowledge in the Greek language and culture by giving a presentation during Greek Culture Club. (Maury Ahram)
Students prepare to give a performance during Cultural Day. (Maury Ahram)
The Bronx Science community watches a performance during its very first Cultural Day. (Maury Ahram)
Members of NASHA celebrate during a winter party by wearing traditional clothes. (Lavanya Manickam)