The Courtyard at Bronx Science


Swanand Kanere

A student sets up to spike a ball.

The courtyard right outside the school building is a safe haven for all students. During the fall and spring, its full of students eating on the benches, hanging out with their friends, or playing some sports. During the winter, the trees lose their leaves, and snow fills up their branches instead. The snow covers everything in fact, from the benches to the sidewalk.

Students hang out on the benches. (Tyler Pelayo)
Students relax and lean on the tree. (Gazi Fuad)
Students enjoy a peaceful spring morning. (Gazi Fuad)
Students eat their lunch in the shade of a tree. (Jackson Trauben)
Snowy trees make up the Bronx Science courtyard in the winter. (Montana Lee)
Vallo buses line up underneath the snowy trees in the courtyard. (Montana Lee)
Some students play football during a rainy spring afternoon. (Afifa Areya)