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Montana Lee
Montana Lee is the A1 Section Editor for ‘The Science Survey,' where she selects and edits the articles that go into the print newspaper with a focus on the front page. She is also an Athletics Reporter for ‘The Observatory.' She sees journalistic writing as an accessible way to spread stories and to bounce ideas off of one another. She loves it for the way people can bond over a fascinating story or engage in provoking discussion on a topic that they care about. Montana has always enjoyed photography for the physical fun of snapping pictures and finding compelling angles. She also values its universal appeal; photographs can easily overcome language and education barriers to communicate ideas with anyone who looks at them. Outside of school, she enjoys making food with her family and friends. Montana loves to interact with visual art, engage in hands-on learning at a Weill Cornell psychiatry lab, listen to vinyl records (she is manic about the Beatles, Queen, and Ella Fitzgerald), play tennis, and travel to Europe with her family to experience local culture and to ski. She especially enjoys visiting Italy for its unrivaled food and its rich history. She has not chosen a future field of study, but she loves both the humanities and sciences (but not mathematics). Montana wants to study abroad in France for a year and in Shanghai for a semester, as she speaks French and Chinese fluently. She hopes that these skills will help her in the future. She will always take photographs and visit art museums as hobbies, but she is thinking about entrepreneurship, finance, or science as future career pursuits.

Montana Lee, Staff Reporter

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Montana Lee