A Photographic Celebration of our Sports Teams


Arona Islam

A student on the Girls’ Varsity Soccer team runs to steal the ball.

When the days come to an end, Bronx Science students have always been enthusiastic about participating in the many sports teams that are available. Many students have used this opportunity to express their passions or to relieve stress. Others simply wish to learn a new sport and have fun while doing so! Regardless of what their purpose may be, the Bronx Science community comes together to work hard and display their talent!

Sylvie Koenigsberg
A member of the Boys’ Basketball team is about to pass the ball to his teammate.


Lola Murti
A gymnast on the varsity team practices on the balance beam.


Joanna Zhao
A member of the Boys’ Swimming team competes during a meet.


Montana Lee
Anya Lollos ‘21 spikes the ball during a volleyball competition.


Leo Ellenberg
Students practice fencing on the Boys’ Varsity Fencing team.


Sofia Mahairas
A member of the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team plays in a game.


Taylor Chapman
A member of the Wrestling team competes during a competition.


Anna Ye
Students who are a part of the Girls’ Cross Country team show off their jerseys!


Russell Kwong
A student on the Boys’ Bowling team aims for a strike.