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Arona Islam is a Senior Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey’ and the Editor-in-Chief for ‘The Observatory.’ Journalism has become a passion of hers and she is enthusiastic about exploring the vast world of journalism and yearbook through different lenses. Arona enjoys incorporating various elements of ethics and research into her writing; she strives to create pieces which invest people and provide quality information and insight on a variety of issues. She thoroughly enjoys photography; taking photos has become a favourite activity. She believes photography crafts a story on its own, with numerous probable interpretations making it one of the prime aspects of journalism. Outside of school, Arona is an avid writer, primarily writing fictional stories centering around dystopian universes and realism. She finds inspiration from authors such as Frances Hodgson Burnett and Louisa May Alcott, ‘Little Women’ being one of her favourite books. Beyond writing, she is a strong music enthusiast who can be found, more often than not, lost in music. Arona plans on studying business in college, but hopes to take courses heavily pertaining to journalism and photography as well.

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With homelessness rapidly rising in New York, students like Subha Laskar ’20 take initiative in finding ways to combat the issue. “After researching the homelessness problem, I realized that we need to do something about it. If we put in enough work and resources, more people will have homes,” said Laskar.

To Have a Home

Arona Islam, Staff Reporter
March 17, 2020
Chloe Frajmund, secretary of the National Women’s Organization Club (N.O.W.), sits for a club discussion.

The Fall of R. Kelly

Arona Islam, Staff Reporter
June 30, 2019
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Arona Islam