Celebrating Our Diversity


Maury Ahram

The Bronx Science community comes together to watch a festive performance!

Back in January 2020, the Student Organization worked hard to put together Bronx Science’s very first Cultural Day. This event was an amazing opportunity for students to express their culture as well as experience many others. Students dressed up in their cultural attire, tried a variety of food and drinks, and watched several unique performances. Cultural Day was filled with so much fun and laughter! Hopefully, we can continue to celebrate Bronx Science’s beautiful diversity sooner rather than later.

Enrique Labre ‘22 serves a homemade dish to his fellow peers. (Arona Islam)
A group of students celebrate their culture by wearing traditional East Asian clothing with hand fans.
(Arona Islam)
South Asian students gather around to get their henna tattoos done. (Arona Islam)
Sophomores have fun while representing their Greek Culture with a poster.
(Arona Islam)
A student proudly displays artwork and clothing from Ghana. (Maury Ahram)
A group of juniors grab the audience’s attention when they perform a Bollywood inspired dance. (Maury Ahram)
Ellen Wu ’21 and Lavanya Manickam ’21 enjoy trying different types of food. (Arona Islam)
An excited student waves the flag of the Philippines. (Arona Islam)
A student incorporates the Puerto Rican flag in his attire.
(Arona Islam)