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Joanna Zhao
Joanna Zhao is a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey’ and the Academic Section Editor for ‘The Observatory.’ She finds the process of writing journalistic articles to be fascinating, and appreciates the work that goes into what seems like a simple newspaper article. Joanna has developed a fascination with photography, and she likes to play around with the lighting in photos, because different lighting effects can create different moods in photographs. In her free time, Joanna swims on the Girls’ Varsity Swim Team and on a swim team outside of school, and also donates her time to volunteering for her community. For example, she volunteers at Morris Park Public Library, and she’s a Teacher’s Assistant at Huaxia Central Chinese School. Joanna absolutely adores the ‘Harry Potter’ series and is a fan of the K-Pop Band EXO. She is currently very interested in majoring in Health Sciences and Physical Therapy in college, and cannot wait to become someone who can help others feel both physically and mentally healthy.

Joanna Zhao, Staff Reporter

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Joanna Zhao