What Are Your Plans After Quarantine?


Joanna Zhao

Getting bubble tea with friends is one of the activities that Bronx Science students are looking forward to the most, after Quarantine ends.

As our time in quarantine continues in the middle of June, events in New York City are still being postponed and canceled. While this may be disappointing for us all, it is important to stay positive and to support each other through this unfortunate time. After fully feeling the dismay for the activities that we can no longer take part in, acceptance is key. Then, we can move on to looking forward to meeting friends and doing things in a safe manner when quarantine is finally over. 

I asked Bronx Science students what they are most looking forward to after quarantine, and here are the most popular responses:

1. Sports

Caleb Oh ’21 and Zachary Chan ’21 had been looking forward to handball season since September 2019. From practicing after school and on weekends, the two have used many hours of their free time to improve their skills and make the team. They were ecstatic when spring 2020 finally rolled around, and they had high hopes for their first season together. Unfortunately, PSAL sports were cancelled in early March 2020, and cancellations of in-person classes soon followed. Oh said, “I feel like [my handball skills] got really bad due to the lack of practice,” and “I miss playing games for my team.” Many of our student athletes, regardless of their sport, feel the same way.

2. College/College Visits

The class of 2020 is looking forward to their first semester of college in the fall. Although they hope that quarantine will end before their college experience begins, as of June 2020, no one knows for sure what will happen in September 2020. The first semester of college is undoubtedly an important time for people to make friends, get settled into a new routine, and join clubs and extracurriculars. Doing all of this online would not only be difficult, but also less enjoyable and interactive. “I think moving classes online in the fall is a reasonable decision, but at the same time, I can’t help but feel robbed from a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Yilan Zhang ’20.

Current juniors are also in a tough situation as they begin their college application process. Most campuses around the country are closed until further notice, and traveling is not a safe option right now. Juniors who are unable to tour colleges will find it more difficult to get a sense of which schools they like the most and want to apply to. Chan said, “virtual tours and information sessions are good, but they’re just not the same as feeling the vibe of the campus in person. Hopefully it will be safe enough to visit in the fall.”

3. Everyday Activities

“The first thing I want to do when Quarantine is over is to catch up with my friends. It’s been several weeks since we have last seen each other,” Oh said. Many share his sentiment. From riding the subway on weekends to getting bubble tea with classmates, things we all used to do on a daily basis and took for granted, are now dangerous. It is perhaps these everyday activities that we miss the most and are greatly looking forward to taking part in again after quarantine. 

Rather than wallowing in disappointment as we eagerly await the lifting of quarantine, we can use this experience as a reminder to appreciate the little things in life and show greater love towards the people, places, and activities that were part of our daily routine. The best way to get quarantine to end sooner is to stay safe and practice social distancing, so remember to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds, wear a mask when you go outside, stay six feet apart from people, and avoid large gatherings!