Food Preparation: The Nutritional Science Class and the Baking Club


Xavier Marriott

Students follow the recipe for the day to make a chocolate treat.

Students at Bronx Science enjoy many benefits. We are given the opportunity to learn life skills that help us to succeed, including the art of making food. Our STEM offerings include great classes such as Nutritional Science, and we have student clubs geared towards food preparation as well, such as Baking Club. Students learn about essential dietary guidelines in the Nutritional Science class, and they can learn how to make sweets and desserts in the Baking club. Displayed here are some memorable moments from both activities.


A student analyzes an edible substance in the Nutritional Science class. (Anna Buhler)


A student collects data about himself in Nutritional Science. (Anna Buhler)


Students measure out flour for a recipe in the Nutritional Science class. (Spencer McQuaig)


By constructing a makeshift funnel, students are able to pour their mixture better. (Samama Moontaha)
Students prepare to put their creation in the oven. (Samama Moontaha)


A student shows his enthusiasm for food during a Baking club meeting. (Samama Moontaha)