The Arts at Bronx Science


Raitah Jinnat

Students in Concert Band practice playing the trumpet.

Bronx Science is known for their many STEM oriented classes they have to offer. However, students are also given the opportunity to pursue their artistic passions. Here are some photos of our students participating in a variety of art classes!

Cadence Chen
Students collaborate in Digital Music Lab.


Mr. Thorp
A student sketches her illustration during her Painting class.


Arianne Browne
A student performs at the Winter Concert.


Theodore Wai
A Photography student edits his photo for his project.


Mr. Thorp
A group of students passionately sing during Chorus.


Olivia Chen
A student works on her painting.


Swanand Kanere
A student performs a musical piece on the violin during Orchestra.


Anna Buhler
In Photography class, a student makes a virtual poster.