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Cadence Chen
Cadence Chen is a Features Editor for ‘The Science Survey.' Journalistic writing appeals to her because it unearths the truth to the public. Although Cadence has qualms with many news publications and media outlets, she strives to have her journalistic writing feature all angles of a story and be as objective and as honest as possible. In addition to writing, journalistic photography complements a journalistic piece of writing because it inspires a sense of connection and realism in readers that sometimes even writing cannot communicate. Besides journalistic writing, Cadence enjoys rewatching and analyzing her favorite sitcom 'Community.' She also spends hours staring into hardwood floors while thinking about her favorite movies and shows. Occasionally, she will wander aimlessly around her neighborhood in constant search of adventure that she knows she will never find. Cadence is unsure of what she would like to do in the future but sees herself studying philosophy in college. She would like to believe she could break into the publishing industry -- anything but an ordinary office job would do, though.

Cadence Chen, Staff Reporter

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Cadence Chen