Students in the Cafeteria


Maury Ahram

Cultural Day takes place in the work-in-progress cafeteria.

No matter what time you walk into the school cafeteria, you will always find people in the cafeteria. It’s a place for students to relax, talk with friends, and of course, eat. The senior tables in the back have become a long standing tradition in Bronx Science, and you can always spot some seniors enjoying their day on those signature green tables. The cafeteria is also home to some of the school’s events like Halloween and Valentine’s Day. It’s a place that really brings the school community together.

Gazi Fuad
Some seniors enjoy their lunch at the green tables.


Swanand Kanere
Students pass the time by playing cards.


Nabeeha Alam
Catching up on homework.


Nabeeha Alam
Hanging out with friends.
Nate Lentz
Playing games on Halloween.
Swanand Kanere
Having a blast on Valentine’s Day.
Tyler Pelayo
Holding Senior Brunch in the cafeteria.