Robotics at Bronx Science


Akaneh Wang

Both teams celebrate their wins at NYC Regional competition.

As soon as the winter comes around, both Bronx Science robotics teams enthusiastically immerse themselves in their venture to build a new robot. All robotics students look forward to the start of their building phase which starts in January. Robotics is a huge family, and they help each other out any way they can. Each team works tirelessly for one to two months, perfecting their creation. They first design the robot, then construct it using machines found in the shop. Another important aspect of the team is  programming the robot to move and do other helpful actions. At the end of build phase, each team takes their robot to compete in a FRC tournament. Last year, both the Fe Maidens and the Sciborgs qualified to compete in the world championships hosted in Detroit.

The leadership of both teams make an appearance with their robots on the TV show Wonderama.(Akaneh Wang)
The teams cheer for their robot during the Hudson Valley competition.(Akaneh Wang)
Mentors Mr. Ilany, Ms. Maizel, and Mr. Morrrell have a blast watching their students compete.(Akaneh Wang)
A member of the FeMaidens collaborates with the robotics team at Stuyvesant.(Akaneh Wang)
The captain of the Sciborgs, Lauren Siu ’20 teaches the future captain, Xano Sweeting ’21, how to work on a specific mechanism on the robot.(Celeste Abourjeili)
Two members of the Sciborgs work tirelessly on a mechanism in the machine shop.(Arian Berisha)
Members of construction and programming on the Sciborgs meet and collaborate to create a functioning mechanism.(Estee Yi)