Students Dancing at Bronx Science


Caitlin Yeung

Members of the Urban Dance Club practice a dance routine.

Throughout the year, Bronx Science students engage in events and clubs involving dancing. It has become an iconic part of the school’s culture. Whether it’s the annual NASHA cultural performance or the Lunar New Year production, students dance their hearts out for their passions. In addition, the school hosts events such as the Valentine’s Day Cupid Bash and the Halloween Monster Mash in the cafeteria for students to enjoy dancing.

The Urban Dance Club puts on a performance during the Club Fair (Yi Lan Zhang)
The Lunar New Year productions club showcases their talent during the club fair. (Yi Lan Zhang)
Students dance during Cultural Day. (Maury Ahram)
Tenzing Tsephel ’21 dances along to the music during Halloween’s Monster Mash event. (Swanand Kanere)
The Urban Dance Club puts on one of their largest performances during Homecoming. (Gazi Fuad)
Anthony Bonavita ’20 and Babou Gaye ’20 dance together during the Valentine’s Day Cupid Bash event. (Swanand Kanere)