Athletic Sportsmanship


Sanford James

Members of the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team cheer together during a time out.

Athletic teams are one of the most popular extracurricular activities that Bronx Science offers. While many students choose to partake as a means of staying fit or because they have a genuine passion for the sport, one of the less direct benefits of joining the team is the friends made in the process. Teams spend hours afters school practicing and competing, and teammates tend to enjoy spending time with each other. Their shared athletic achievements create emotional bonds and friendships. Below are pictures of teammates together off the field.

Members of the Boys’ Varsity Bowling team pose for a picture in between games. (Nabeeha Alam)
Members of the Girls’ Varsity Indoor Track team watch a race as their teammates compete it in. (Ula Pranevicius)
Members of the Boys’ Cross Country team pose with their awards. (Ula Pranevicius)